Adobe’s Vyshak Venugopalan and Microsoft’s Samik Roy Discuss AI’s Impact on Employment

During a session titled ‘Being God with AI: One Command of Inspiration, Imagination and Innovation’ at the India Today Conclave 2024, Tech Today’s executive talked about the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on the workforce. The discussion featured insights from Vyshak Venugopalan, Director of Solution Consulting at Adobe India, and Samik Roy, Executive Director for India & South Asia at Microsoft.

Will AI Take My Job?

Addressing the enduring concern of AI displacing human jobs, Samik Roy of Microsoft provided historical context. He said, “This is an interesting discussion that comes out whenever there is an invention. When the steam engine was invented, people said, “Oh my god, locomotion will take away jobs. After that, electricity was invented, the second industrial revolution, and people said, oh, all the manual processes will be automated, and jobs will go away. Then came computers and the internet, and people said computers would take away all the jobs. But let’s just step back.”

Roy focused on the significance of skilling and reskilling in navigating the evolving job market shaped by AI. He said, “What I would like to emphasize is it needs skilling and reskilling. One benefit of AI is that it reduces the learning curve, helping people to acquire new knowledge more rapidly. The fundamental difference between past and present eras lies in how technology is utilized. Previously, the focus was on computers and automation to make information easily accessible. However, in today’s era, the focus is on leveraging expertise readily available at one’s fingertips. Even individuals without specialized training can achieve better outcomes by harnessing AI-generated models.”

‘AI Raises Professional Standards’

Vyshak Venugopalan from Adobe emphasized AI’s capacity to democratize creativity while simultaneously raising professional standards. He stressed the importance of expertise in leveraging AI to produce better outcomes and underlined the role of education and enablement in improving professional work.

He said, “We also believe the same which is AI and the powerful child of AI which is generative AI will lower the floor so that more people can enter. It will largely democratize creativity. At the same time, it will also elevate the ceiling so that we all will be driven with the help of enablement and education.”


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