PM Modi Discusses Role of Technology in Agriculture, Education, and Health with Bill Gates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an interaction with philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, emphasized the role of technology in agriculture, education, and health sectors.

Modi stated that he heard of the global digital divide and made a firm decision to prevent it from happening in India.

He expressed his determination to allocate resources towards local research in cervical cancer to develop affordable vaccines and that his government will work towards ensuring vaccination, especially for all girls.

Green Development and AI Ethics

He added plans to strengthen healthcare infrastructure and ensure widespread access to vaccines. Additionally, Modi underscored the transformative impact of digital technology in the education sector, addressing gaps in teaching and learning.

Addressing broader global concerns, Modi supported redefining development parameters to align with environmental sustainability, introducing concepts like green GDP and green employment. On the issue of Artificial Intelligence (AI), he said, “It should not be seen as a magic tool or as a replacement for people’s laziness to do some work.” He further emphasized the need for ethical considerations and human-centric approaches.

Democratization of Technology in Agriculture, Education, and Health Sector

Modi reiterated his commitment to democratizing technology, ensuring it reaches every corner of the nation, including rural areas. He highlighted initiatives such as the “Drone Didi” scheme for women in agriculture and telemedicine services for remote healthcare delivery. Technology is being used to plug the shortcomings of teachers in education, Modi said.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to prevent monopolies in the digital realm and advocated for a people-driven digital revolution. He showcased India’s achievements, including successfully implementing the CoWin platform for managing COVID-19 vaccinations during the pandemic.

Modi expressed confidence in India’s potential to excel in the fourth industrial revolution, leveraging digital technology for inclusive growth and development.


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