Meta, Microsoft, X, and Match Group Partner with Epic Games in Clash Against Apple

Apple, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Elon Musk’s X, and Match Group have joined Epic Games in an ongoing battle against Apple, which failed to follow a court-ordered injunction governing payments related to its App Store payment policies.

The partnership of technology companies alleges that Apple was in “clear violation” of the September 2021 injunction by making it challenging for users to access more affordable methods of purchasing digital content.

Apple’s Response to Tech Giants

Apple, however, has refrained from commenting on the accusation. Instead, it reiterated its prior statement that it had complied fully with the injunction, focusing on its commitment to protecting consumer interests and the integrity of its ecosystem.

Epic Games’ Antitrust Lawsuit

The dispute between Epic Games and Apple started in 2020 when Epic Games stated Apple was violating antitrust law by requiring users to buy apps through the App Store and charging developers up to 30% commission on purchases.

Recently, Epic Games accused Apple of contempt, citing new rules and a revised fee structure that let developers provide links and buttons to direct users to alternative payment options. The partnership among tech firms has echoed Epic’s concerns, asserting that Apple’s actions reinforce anti-steering regulations deemed unlawful by the court.

According to the filing, “Apple’s restrictions on where and how developers can communicate with their users about their options for purchasing in-app content create significant barriers to competition and artificially inflate prices. The lawsuit states that Apple’s practices unfairly perpetuate its dominance and harm the broader ecosystem.

Despite Apple’s efforts to contest the injunction, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear its appeal in January. Likewise, Epic’s appeal regarding lower court rulings favoring Apple’s policies was also dismissed. Apple now faces a deadline of April 3 to formally respond to Epic’s latest filing.


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