AB Tasty launches EmotionsAI to revolutionize customer personalization

In a groundbreaking move, AB Tasty, a prominent player in the digital experience optimization sector, has unveiled its latest innovation, EmotionsAI. This cutting-edge technology is set to transform the landscape of customer personalization by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to cater to customers’ emotional needs.

“Understanding the needs of customers is critical to achieving commercial success in today’s economic landscape,” said Alix de Sagazan, Co-CEO and Co-founder of AB Tasty. “They place a high value on experience and personalization, and catering to customers’ emotional needs is the best way to meet and exceed their high customer experience expectations.”

A new era in customer segmentation

EmotionsAI marks AB Tasty’s foray into AI-driven audience segmentation based on emotional requirements. Unlike conventional approaches, this unique product enables brands to connect with their customers emotionally. By doing so, it promises to create more meaningful and impactful interactions.

Leveraging AI for personalized experiences

With EmotionsAI, customers can achieve higher win rates and refine their methods for personalizing the customer experience. Research has shown that effective personalization can significantly boost revenue for organizations. This technology empowers brands to customize the customer experience based on the most relevant criterion: emotional needs.

EmotionsAI: The result of strategic acquisition

This groundbreaking technology is a direct result of AB Tasty’s strategic acquisition of Dotaki, a company with an impressive track record of eight years in psychographic modeling, customer journey mapping, device usage analysis, and AI technology. The integration of this expertise with real-time website interactions has yielded EmotionsAI, now seamlessly integrated into the AB Tasty platform.

“Emotions drive 80% of decisions,” said Remi Aubert, AB Tasty’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder. “With this in mind, EmotionsAI truly pushes the boundaries of digital experiences. Enabling data-driven decisions based on emotional needs enables brands to create a connection with audiences like never before. It places the customer at the heart of digital experiences and means brands can get clear ROI by diving deeper into what works for different emotional types using these analytics.”

Impressive growth and new partnerships

The announcement comes from AB Tasty’s exceptional fiscal performance, having secured partnerships with industry giants such as Air Europa, Chico’s FAS, Louboutin, and Thomson Reuters. AB Tasty’s international expansion has seen a remarkable 200% growth rate, culminating in its best-performing quarter ever at the close of the 2023 fiscal year. With a comprehensive digital customer experience platform, advanced server-side feature management tools, intelligent site search capabilities, product recommendations, and AI-based emotional segmentation, AB Tasty solidifies its position as a leader in experience optimization.

EmotionsAI is poised to reshape how brands connect with their customers, offering unprecedented personalization based on emotional insights. As AB Tasty continues to innovate, the future of digital experiences looks more engaging and emotionally resonant than ever before.


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