2022 FIFA World Cup: How cybercriminals scamming users to steal their data

2022 FIFA World Cup: How cybercriminals using every trick to steal users' data

IT security intelligence firm CloudSEK warned that cybercriminals are using every ruse to entice football enthusiasts in the name of the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar. This includes bogus betting sites, entrance permits, and cryptocurrency.

Hacking methods supposedly make it possible to register for a Hayya card without a legitimate FIFA ticket number are also being shared by online crooks. The technique relies on a purported ticket number pattern that the threat actor disclosed to brute force the ticket number.

The Bengaluru-based cyber security firm revealed numerous Telegram channels were found selling FIFA entry permit Hayya cards ranging from $50 to $150.

“To create Hayya cards, the threat actors claim to require the buyer’s valid IDs like passports. And the payment is only accepted in Bitcoin,” CloudSEK said in a report.

“Since the FIFA World Cup is a popular event, the ticket demand far exceeds the supply. To exploit this gap between supply and demand, scammers have set up websites that sell fake tickets,” the report added.

Cybercriminals selling fake cryptocurrency, NFTs at FIFA World Cup

Fans are being duped by cybercriminals who sell them limited-edition fake cryptocurrency. It should be mentioned that Binance and Cristiano Ronaldo have teamed together to promote NFTs with a soccer theme and that the cryptocurrency exchange platform Crypto.com is an official FIFA sponsor for the World Cup 2022.

“Threat actors are piggybacking on this hype to sell fake ‘World Cup Coin’ and ‘World Cup Token’ by promoting them as limited-edition cryptocurrency. However, most of these purported coins don’t exist,” the report noted.


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