Compare Exact Business Analytics vs IBM Cognos BI

Which is better, Exact Business Analytics or IBM Cognos? Choosing the perfect Business Intelligence Software for your business is crucial to increase your company’s productivity. In this blog, knowing and comparing different solutions is simple to see which one is the ideal software for your requirement.

You can analyze the tools based on features, benefits, workflow, analytics, and more and identify which software provides more benefits to your company. Moreover, as a rule of thumb, select the BI software that helps you reform the pricing and features to match your sales growth and loss.


Exact Business Analytics (EBA): It is a solution with a clear objective to offer ready access to data that empowers people in business to form effective decisions directly impacting business performance. Data locked away within CRM or ERP systems become accessible to offer the grounds for enhanced personal and corporate performance.

EBA is developed to provide functionality and power to corporate owners. It allows building information views easily and quickly while dynamically comparing and combining data from several sources or varying organizational functions. It also offers ad hoc analysis, and you can create personalized information graphs, reports, and views which can be automatically segregated to consumers on a pre-defined schedule or accessed through the internet.

IBM Cognos: It is a BI tool for web-based analytics and reporting. This organizational-based software offers several features to perform data aggregation and design user-friendly detailed reports. It also provides an option to export reports in PDF or XML format and view them in XML format.

Cognos Analytics supports data analytics from identification to operations and is accessible in enterprise and cloud editions. It allows users to verify, connect, and combine data and provides several visualization and dashboard options. In addition, it is brilliant at analyzing and pulling corporate information data, offering detailed reports, and helping corporate governance.

Exact Business Analytics vs IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Comparison

Let’s compare IBM Cognos Analytics with one of its competitors– Exact Business Analytics

1. Features

Exact Business Analytics:

  • Organized view of 936 features structured into the standard data management structure and business intelligence with clear modules and sub-modules.
  • It helps to rate the level of assistance that EBA provides for every function, starting from full service to third-party, customization, partner add-on, and so on.
  • Standardize EBA’s overall performance against the industry average.

IBM Cognos:

  • Offers real-time events, notifications, and alerts.
  • Advanced and personalized interaction.
  • Wizard-driver external data.
  • Enables functions such as real-time monitoring, scenario modeling, and predictive analytics.
  • Drill-through capability.
  • It is an independent, reliable, and scalable platform.
  • Provides in-memory streaming analytics.
  • Free-from assembly, drag-and-drop, and search-based authoring.
  • Appealing and intuitive web 2.0 interface.
  • Automatic access to SAP BW queries.
  • You get the ability to edit existing data.
  • It provides secure data as a firewall protects it.

2. Benefits

Exact Business Analytics:

  • Reduces days of research by offering the total universe of functions you must need in any data management software or BI tool solution, irrespective of which tool you are reviewing.
  • Indicates the positives and negatives of the tool support for every function.
  • It helps to reduce or confirm software frontrunners right off the bat, saving your efforts and time.
  • Assists the discovery of new software functions, capabilities, and features that may not have been known about.

IBM Cognos:

  • It provides a limitless workspace to help how individuals work and think.
  • Easily view- personalize, and assembled information.
  • It enables you to collaborate to build decision networks to share insights and drive collective intelligence.
  • It allows you to coordinate and communicate the task to include the right individuals at the right time.
  • Decreased time to decision by evaluating data with no latency.
  • Helps users to modify and share Cognos BI content using interfaces and applications.
  • Enhanced productivity via proactive real-time workflow and notifications.
  • It provides several BI features, such as query and reporting, score carding, and analysis through single architecture.
  • Provides accountability and transparency to drive consensus and alignment.
  • Provide you to enhance productivity among users by accessing data for intraday decisions.

3. Features support examples

  • Reporting and analysis: EBA supports third part VLDB divers, whereas IBM Cognos BI supports Java-based reporting tools and VLDB drivers and creates analytic workflows.
  • Analytics: EBA supports third-party classification, self-service reporting, and user-guided analysis, whereas IBM Cognos BI supports classification and variable contribution.
  • Data warehousing: EBA supports data compressing capability, whereas IBM Cognos BI supports data integration from OLAP and automatic and manual control of caching to balance quick response with massive scalability.
  • Workflow: EBA supports modified graphical business activities and processes, whereas IBM Cognos BI supports represents complex processes that include sub-processes and actions. It also supports functions that can be mapped or defined in the system.
  • Data integration: EBA supports updated data capture and loads only reformed records into the data source by third-party. IBM Cognos BI supports elements that can work across the platform or file size limitations and event-based change data capture.
  • Support: EBA offers Novell NetWare and IBM AS/400, whereas IBM Cognos BI provides J2EE Web-logic.


Till now, you know alternatives or options for business intelligence software are continually growing. Several BI tools have gained immense popularity recently, such as IBM Cognos, Exact Business Analytics, and others.


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