IBM unveils Watsonx Granite Model series to boost generative AI in business

Watsonx Granite models: Tailored AI solutions for every business

IBM has made a significant announcement regarding the release of its new Watsonx Granite model series, designed to enhance the integration of generative AI into various business applications and workflows. The Watsonx Granite models, which apply generative AI to language and code, represent a crucial step in IBM’s ongoing efforts to advance artificial intelligence technologies for the corporate world.

Tailored AI solutions with Watsonx Granite Models

IBM acknowledges that one-size-fits-all AI models may not suit the diverse needs of different businesses. The Watsonx Granite models come in various sizes and are built on a decoder-only architecture. This approach enables enterprises to scale their AI efforts effectively. These models can be utilized for multiple purposes, such as retrieving augmented generation, summarizing content, and extracting insights, providing tailored solutions to customer inquiries and content management needs.

IBM empowers businesses to become creators of AI value by allowing them to incorporate their proprietary data into IBM’s base models. This approach enables companies to develop unique AI models that cater to their business requirements and use cases.

Precision and performance: IBM’s foundation models

IBM has invested heavily in creating foundation models tailored to meet the precise demands of business use cases. These Watsonx Granite models are custom-built to deliver superior accuracy while maintaining lower infrastructure requirements, improving price-performance ratios.

Integration of third-party models

In addition to its proprietary models, IBM allows businesses to utilize third-party models, such as Meta’s Llama 2-chat 70 billion parameter model and models from the Hugging Face community.

Curated and responsible data training

IBM’s foundation models have been meticulously trained on business-relevant datasets across five domains: internet, academic, code, legal, and finance. The training data has been carefully filtered to eliminate objectionable content and benchmarked against internal and external models, addressing governance, risk assessment, privacy, and bias mitigation concerns.

AI governance toolkit: watsonx.governance

IBM is committed to responsible AI deployment and plans to release watsonx.governance, an AI governance toolkit, later this year. This toolkit facilitates trusted AI workflows, enabling clients to manage and mitigate risks effectively.

Intellectual property protections for AI models

IBM is extending its standard intellectual property protection to its watsonx models, similar to the protections offered for hardware and software products. This includes an IP indemnity (contractual protection) that gives clients confidence in using their data to create AI applications while benefiting from the accuracy and trust of IBM’s foundation models.

Dinesh Nirmal, Senior Vice President of Products at IBM Software, emphasized the importance of responsible AI use, stating, “When it comes to today’s AI innovation boom, the businesses that are positioned for success are the ones outfitted with AI technologies that demonstrate success at scale and have built-in guardrails and practices that enable their responsible use.”

“Today’s release of IBM’s Granite model series and commitment to stand behind IBM-developed watsonx models is a testament to IBM’s end-to-end model lifecycle management process in its watsonx AI and data platform that delivers businesses cutting-edge AI outfitted for their unique business needs,” Nirmal added.

IBM’s legacy of responsible AI innovation

For over a century, IBM has focused on responsibly ushering powerful new technologies, including AI, into the world. The company has consistently provided open-source tools and AI governance software to ensure AI technology’s transparency, explainability, privacy, robustness, and fairness.

IBM’s latest announcement reaffirms its dedication to responsible AI innovation, offering businesses the tools they need to harness the potential of generative AI while adhering to ethical and governance standards.


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