Microsoft very committed to India, says Satya Nadella

Microsoft very committed to India, says Satya Nadella

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella stated that the company is “very committed to India” while emphasising the value of promoting inclusion and empowerment through technology and economic progress. He was speaking at Microsoft’s Tech for Good and Education showcase, which emphasised technology’s influence on charitable and educational endeavours.

Nadella conducted a walkthrough, talking to teachers, students, and professionals using different Microsoft projects, programmes, and tools to improve society.

“Looking at what you all have done, your passion, imagination, and ingenuity are truly inspiring. One thing that keeps me grounded is seeing our mission in action,” Nadella said.

He added that Microsoft “is very committed to India” and is investing in the country.

“When we think about Make in India, we are investing, it is the largest place where we have our human capital, we have our data centers, all of these Artificial Intelligence capabilities that are being used in all application, are all in some sense Made in India,” Nadella said.

Satya Nadella stresses the importance of inclusive growth

Technology and economic growth, according to Nadella, are “means to an objective that we all aspire for,” not an end in themselves. He urged to keep pressing the business to do more to support the mission of “technology making a difference in communities.” He asked the audience to consider social inclusion when thinking about growth.

“Inclusive growth… if I consider what it means for economic growth to include everyone. Today’s examples are tremendous…how do we make sure whatever growth we have, is aligned with the planet because that is one finite resource…or trust in technology,” he said.

Nadella is expected to travel to Bengaluru and Hyderabad, where he will meet with important government officials, companies, developers, educators, and students.

In his speech earlier this week, Nadella cited cloud computing and artificial intelligence as two key factors promoting India’s technology-based economic growth. He also praised the outstanding work done with digital public goods in India.

Nadella, born in Hyderabad, also praised India for creating the public digital infrastructure for the general welfare.

Nadella shared his vision for a tech-enabled India in a keynote speech at the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai. He also discussed how the cloud would be fundamental to scaling India’s digital journey and how Microsoft is innovating across the tech stack to support the nation’s ecosystem of developers, startups, and businesses in every industry.


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