Satya Nadella bets big on artificial intelligence

Satya Nadella bets big on artificial intelligence

Satya Nadella, chairman and CEO of Microsoft, said the “golden age” of artificial intelligence is “underway” and will fundamentally alter how we think about work and how organizations operate.

Nadella stated that technology would continue to create more and more opportunities for bringing people together during a session at the World Economic Forum’s ongoing five-day annual gathering.

He shared two examples of recent GPT technology use cases during the discussion. The first example he gave was about a skilled programmer from Silicon Valley who increased productivity by 80% by adopting the model to speed up writing better code.

The second included an Indian farmer who could access a government program online via a GPT interface despite only understanding a regional dialect.

“Applications of AI are probably the way we will make it. I look at it and say we need something that truly changes the productivity curve so that we can have real economic growth,” Satya Nadella said.

According to Nadella, technology will continue developing new ways to unite people.

“The future of work is not just about technology and tools; it’s about new management practices and sensibilities to the workplace.” He said, “technology would provide more and more ways to bring people together.”

Satya Nadella says artificial intelligence will help people do more with less

“Microsoft is opening up access to new AI tools like ChatGPT. I see these technologies as a co-pilot, helping people do more with less,” he said.

Microsoft’s CEO declared that the business would take the lead in quantum computing. Microsoft possesses every component needed to create a next-generation quantum computer.

“Microsoft will achieve quantum supremacy and aim to build a general-purpose quantum computer. We’ve been partnered with OpenAI deeply for multiple years, and we built our public cloud infrastructure in Azure, an AI supercomputer. At this point, the way Microsoft’s going to commercialize all of this is Azure has become the place for anybody and everybody who thinks about AI and large-scale training,” he said.


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