OpenAI Develops Two Advanced AI Agents To Streamline Work Process

To make the workplace more efficient, OpenAI, the Sam Altman-led company, is developing two AI agents capable of automating complex tasks.

According to a report by The Information, OpenAI is working on designing specialized AI agents to streamline a variety of work-related functions. Using a user’s device, the first agent can perform tasks like data transfer between spreadsheets and documents to file expense reports. This agent promises increased efficiency in administrative processes by eliminating the need for human intervention. Meanwhile, the second AI agent is designed to perform tasks across the web, including curating travel itineraries, aggregating public data, and facilitating air ticket bookings. With its ability to perform these tasks, this agent could help reduce the amount of manual work people have to do.

Last year, The Information reported that OpenAI aimed to transform ChatGPT into a highly intelligent workplace personal assistant. The latest developments at OpenAI align with this goal. It’s said that this advanced AI assistant will understand employees and their work environments well. It will handle tasks like writing emails and reports in the employee’s style. However, whether the AI assistant will be sold separately or bundled with OpenAI’s software suite is unclear.

OpenAI View on its Two AI Agents

Although OpenAI has yet to release an official statement regarding the Advanced AI assistant, its relentless efforts to enhance and innovate its models are evident. Notably, OpenAI’s strategic initiatives include the development of an Assistant API, which marks a move towards a comprehensive AI agent, promising further capabilities down the line.

Sam Altman seeks to raise $5-7 trillion from UAE and other investors to upgrade semiconductors, address AI chip shortages, and progress AGI. Earlier this year, they introduced a new feature for ChatGPT called GPT Mentions, allowing users to easily include custom GPTs or bots in conversations by tagging them, similar to Slack.

During OpenAI’s first developer conference, they introduced Custom GPTs, allowing users to create bots and possibly earn money by selling them on the GPT Store. This platform will enable people to find and use different custom versions of GPT made by the community.


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