Now express love for shows with double thumbs-up on Netflix

Now express love for shows with double thumbs-up on Netflix

Video streaming giant Netflix is rolling a double thumbs-up button to let users express their “love” towards shows and movies they are watching on its app. Netflix will place the double thumbs-up button alongside the existing thumbs-down and the thumbs-up buttons.

Netflix said the double thumbs up button was requested by the members, and the reason for adding it will let users express that they “loved” a movie or a show.

“We’ve heard from members that it’s very important for them to distinguish between just liked titles from titles that they really loved. And so, we’ve built this feature, tested it, and we’re rolling it out globally. Consider Two Thumbs Up as a way to fine-tune your recommendations. A Thumbs Up still lets us know what you liked, so we use this response to make similar recommendations. But Two Thumbs Up tells us what you loved and helps us get even more specific about your recommendations,” Christine Doig-Carde, director of product innovation and personalization experiences at Netflix, told Gadgets360.

Christine further said that users want to distinguish between what they like, unlike, and love.

“It takes into account what you’ve watched, what you’ve liked, what you disliked, and the Two Thumbs Up is just another input. It knows that that’s going to be a stronger signal than just liking, but there’s no predetermined weight,” she said.

In 2017, Netflix removed the rating system and called it “very yesterday” before switching to the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons.

“We’re spending many billions of dollars on the titles we’re producing and licensing, and with these big catalogs, that just adds a challenge,” Todd Yellin, Netflix vice-president of product, had said in 2017.


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