Next-generation AI in cybersecurity: Microsoft Security Copilot to the rescue

Microsoft Security Copilot, the next-gen AI in cybersecurity

Microsoft Corporation has unveiled the next generation of AI to cybersecurity with the launch of Microsoft Security Copilot. This cutting-edge technology empowers defenders with a powerful new tool to rapidly identify and respond to threats while gaining a deeper understanding of the threat landscape.

Security Copilot merges Microsoft’s comprehensive threat intelligence data with top-tier industry experts to enhance the work of security professionals through a user-friendly AI assistant.

The purpose of Security Copilot is to integrate effortlessly with security teams, enabling defenders to understand their environment, leverage pre-existing intelligence, connect different threats, and make more informed and timely decisions at the speed of machines.

“Today, the odds remain stacked against cybersecurity professionals. Too often, they fight an asymmetric battle against relentless and sophisticated attackers,” said Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of Microsoft Security. “With Security Copilot, we are shifting the balance of power into our favor. Security Copilot is the first and only generative AI security product enabling defenders to move at the speed and scale of AI,” Vasu added in the blog post

Microsoft Security Copilot enhances security teams with the latest attacker knowledge and advanced AI capabilities

Security Copilot is designed to continually learn and improve, providing security teams with the most up-to-date knowledge of attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures. The product leverages the most advanced OpenAI models to support even the most demanding security tasks and applications.

By utilizing the customer organization’s security data and Microsoft’s extensive threat analysis footprint, Security Copilot can provide visibility into threats rivaling even the largest organizations. Moreover, Security Copilot can bridge knowledge gaps and improve workflows, threat actor profiles, and incident reporting across teams, helping to address the skills shortages that plague the cybersecurity industry.

“Advancing the state of security requires both people and technology — human ingenuity paired with the most advanced tools that help apply human expertise at speed and scale,” said Charlie Bell, executive vice president of Microsoft Security. “With Security Copilot, we are building a future where every defender is empowered with the tools and technologies necessary to make the world safer.”


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