Microsoft Office is becoming Microsoft 365, effective November 2022

Microsoft Office is becoming Microsoft 365, effective November 2022

Microsoft Inc. is rebranding Microsoft Office and is giving a new name to its suite of tools, Microsoft 365. Microsoft is also introducing a six-sided logo replacing the current square one, with changes coming into effect from November 2022.

The rebranded Office app for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android will become effective in January 2023. Microsoft Office was first released in 1990 and has remained dominant in workplace software.

Additionally, Microsoft will make available a centralized Microsoft 365 software for desktop and mobile devices that will act as a single hub for information, meetings, files, and documents. Moreover, the centralized application will display a feed of pertinent coworkers with whom the user can connect. But the names of the extensions for programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, Clipchamp, Stream, and Designer won’t change.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president for modern work, Jared Spataro, revealed in an email that the Microsoft 365 app would offer new features.

“The new Microsoft 365 app is one part of our larger strategy and focus as a company on Microsoft 365 and is reflective of the innovation we’ve strived to deliver as work and life continue to evolve,” Spataro stated.

“The new app serves as a hub for all the productivity apps Microsoft 365 offers and provides a simple yet powerful experience for our customers as they navigate changing workstyles and collaboration patterns,” he added.


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