Mozilla buys Active Replica to bolster metaverse plan

Mozilla acquires Active Replica to boost its metaverse strategy

Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox web browser, has completed the acquisition of US-based virtual spaces and events start-up Active Replica in order to reinforce its metaverse strategy. Mozilla acquired the start-ups as it developed Hubs, the company’s VR collaboration platform.

In 2018, Mozilla released Hubs, which offers the infrastructure and development tools required to let users access a portal through any browser and collaborate with others in a VR environment.

“Bringing onboard Active Replica will help us accelerate some of our most important, in-demand work, including more personalized subscription tiers, improving the Hubs onboarding experience, and introducing new interaction capabilities in the Hubs engine,” Imo Udom, Mozilla SVP, said in a blog post.

“Together, we see this as a key opportunity to bring even more innovation and creativity to Hubs than we could alone. We will benefit from their unique experience and ability to create amazing experiences that help organizations use virtual spaces to drive impact,” he added.

Founded in 2020, Active Replica offers virtual event packages that include venue design tailored to the event, event planning, live entertainment, and tech support.

“Mozilla has long advocated for a healthier internet and has been an inspiration to us in its dedication and contributions to the open web. By joining forces with the Mozilla Hubs team, we are able to further expand on our mission and inspire a new generation of creators, connectors, and builders,” said Jacob Ervin and Valerian Denis, co-founders of Active Replica.


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