McAfee predicts cryptocurrency, metaverse scams to rise in 2023

McAfee predicts cryptocurrency, metaverse scams to rise in 2023

The computer security company McAfee has released its projections for the year ahead regarding cybersecurity. According to McAfee, the scams will likely continue, albeit with newer hooks.

Cyber frauds have evolved in the past year, tricking consumers online, and McAfee thinks the trend is unlikely to die down anytime soon. Along with the fact that people have lost money to investment fraud and fraudulent loan applications, the prominence of cryptocurrencies and the metaverse has made them attractive prey for threat actors.

McAfee cybersecurity report says hackers prey on people’s ignorance about the metaverse

The technology behind the metaverse is still being developed. While businesses work to explain to users how the metaverse will work, hackers can employ phishing efforts to take advantage of people’s ignorance of the metaverse. According to McAfee, these campaigns will grow significantly in 2023.

Investment Scams

As the recession worsens, 2023 is anticipated to be a challenging year for most people. People would be forced to hunt for additional income sources, which puts them at risk for scams like social media posts and internet advertisements that promise significant financial returns for no risk.

Cryptocurrency Scams

In 2022, we observed some con artists leveraging the notoriety of celebrities to make cryptocurrency frauds seem more plausible. One hoax this year convinced victims to part with their cash by promising to double it in an old Elon Musk video. In 2023, McAfee anticipates that cryptocurrency scams will go further, utilizing deep fake audio and video to deceive victims into parting with their money.


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