Kia announces entry into Indian EV market with EV6

Kia announces entry into Indian EV market with EV6

Kia India has announced its entry into the Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) market with EV6. The first Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) from Kia, the EV6, is globally acclaimed for its design and quality. The car’s features were unveiled globally in March 2021. The EV6 will be an exclusive offering from Kia India and only available in limited quantities in 2022.

“The vehicle is built on Kia’s new dedicated EV platform E-GMP and is pegged to offer premium mobility solutions to its customers. The most hi-tech Kia ever made, the EV6 is a true game-changer, designed from the ground up to make electric mobility fun, convenient, and accessible,” a Kia India release stated.

EV6 combines an impressive real-world driving range, ultra-fast charging capabilities, and a spacious, high-tech interior.

Kia India also confirmed that only “limited units” of the car would be available, and the bookings of the vehicle will commence on May 26, 2022.

“With the vehicle, the company doesn’t just want to target the EV customers but intends to reach out to every potential premium car customer. The EV6 is Kia’s most celebrated EV globally and redefines the boundaries of electric mobility,” Kia India said in a statement.

In March, EV6 won the prestigious European Car of the Year 2022, beating Renault M├ęgane E-Tech Electric and Hyundai Ioniq 5.


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