Jack Dorsey unveils roadmap for decentralized social media networks

Jack Dorsey unveils roadmap for decentralized social media networks

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, revealed the Bluesky social media protocol’s roadmap and the launch of its official website. The underlying Bluesky protocol, ADX, is now known as Authenticated Transfer Protocol. The AT Protocol is a federated network that allows users to select from various providers or host their own.

Bluesky unveiled its plan for decentralized social networks. With built-in user data privacy and open-source methods, AT Protocol is made to operate independently of any one company.

As the blueprint was unveiled, many millionaires raced to stake their claim on social media. For instance, Kanye just bought the social media site, Parler, while Elon Musk seems to be getting closer to completing his $44 billion purchase of Twitter.

Only a few companies currently effectively control what we see and do on social media. Platforms are driven to maintain their billion-dollar cash stream from advertising at any cost, which leads to extensive censorship and a decline in the freedom of speech.

Decentralization, according to many, is the answer, not adding another billionaire to manage social media.

Jack has expressed regret for how Twitter’s interactions turned out. He seems open to collaborating with alternative platforms to address the present issues with social media.

Potential future integration

In a recent Tweet, he hinted at a potential future integration with the DeSo blockchain.

“Competition in this space is a good thing, not to anyone’s peril (DeSo can use this protocol too),” said Jack in response to questions about decentralizing social media.

DeSo is a new layer-1 blockchain explicitly designed for the scalability of decentralized social media apps to billions of users. They recently unveiled their roadmap and are riding a wave of success that has resulted in a price increase, an influx of new users, and an all-time high of 1.7 million on-chain wallets.

Putting social media on a 100% open-source blockchain

DeSo believes that putting social media on a completely open-source blockchain will result in a creator-led and user-owned internet on which millions of users can build while also addressing many of the problems that affect social media.

DeSo founder Nader Al-Naji shares AT Protocol’s vision for a better social media future and expressed interest in working with Jack.

“Agree the decentralization of social is NOT zero-sum. We’d love to discuss how DeSo can integrate with At Protocol and create a better world. One where people own their voice the same way they own their Bitcoin. Will reach out!” Nader Al-Naji said.


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