Infosys expands collaboration with NVIDIA for next-gen AI innovation

In a significant move, Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, has announced an expansion of its strategic collaboration with NVIDIA. This extended partnership between Infosys and NVIDIA aims to empower enterprises worldwide to achieve productivity gains by adopting generative AI applications and solutions.

The newly strengthened alliance will see Infosys incorporating the NVIDIA AI Enterprise ecosystem into its offerings, specifically Infosys Topaz. Infosys Topaz is an AI-centric suite of services, solutions, and platforms designed to accelerate business value by harnessing generative AI technologies. This integration aims to enable Infosys to provide its customers with user-friendly solutions seamlessly integrating generative AI into their operations.

Infosys to train 50,000 employees on NVIDIA AI technology

Infosys plans to establish an NVIDIA Center of Excellence as part of its commitment to advancing AI expertise. This center will be pivotal in training and certifying 50,000 Infosys employees on NVIDIA AI technology. The objective is to equip this vast workforce with generative AI knowledge and expertise, enhancing the support and services offered to customers spanning various industries.

Infosys has embraced the full-stack NVIDIA generative AI platform, encompassing hardware and enterprise-grade software. This comprehensive approach has allowed Infosys to drive innovation throughout its business operations and assist its customers in developing generative AI applications for diverse business functions, including sales, marketing, and overall business operations.

Notable achievements resulting from this collaboration between Infosys and NVIDIA

Retail Transformation: By integrating Infosys’ Video Analytics platform with NVIDIA Metropolis, the duo addresses challenges in the retail industry. This includes enhancing the shopping experience, optimizing merchandising and planogram compliance, reducing losses, real-time inventory monitoring, ensuring health and safety compliance, and more. These solutions also extend to the logistics, manufacturing, and utilities sectors.

Language Models and AI Guardrails: in conjunction with the NVIDIA NeMo framework, Infosys Generative AI Labs allows organizations to rapidly deploy large language models tailored to various enterprise use cases. This platform is both cost-effective and scalable. Infosys is also bolstering its Responsible AI Toolkit with NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails, reinforcing its commitment to responsible AI practices.

AI-Enhanced Contact Centers: Leveraging Infosys Cortex and NVIDIA Riva speech and translation AI, Infosys is developing AI-powered contact center solutions. These solutions include language-neutral features for multilingual support and real-time customer intent and sentiment analysis tools to improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

The collaboration between Infosys and NVIDIA also extends to digitalization applications, focusing on creating solutions for enterprise use cases in 3D workflows, design collaboration, digital twins, world simulations, and more.

Furthermore, the partnership between Infosys and NVIDIA is not limited to the abovementioned areas. They are co-developing AI-powered solutions in 5G, cybersecurity, and energy transition. This comprehensive collaboration underscores the commitment of both companies to drive innovation and bring the benefits of generative AI to a wide range of industries and applications.


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