India’s AI Supercomputer ‘AIRAWAT’ makes impressive entry at No. 75 in global rankings

India's AI Supercomputer AIRAWAT ranked 75th in the world

India’s AI supercomputer, known as ‘AIRAWAT,’ has achieved a commendable feat by securing the 75th position at the prestigious International Supercomputing Conference (ISC 2023) in Germany.

Installed at the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Pune, ‘AIRAWAT’ has emerged as the country’s largest and fastest AI computing system, boasting an exceptional speed of 13,170 teraflops (Rpeak). The remarkable performance of ‘AIRAWAT’ has earned it a well-deserved spot in the 61st edition of the Top 500 Global Supercomputing List recently released.

Developed by Netweb Technologies, the supercomputer operates on the Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS operating system and relies on the powerful AMD EPYC 7742 64C 2.25GHz processor with an impressive 81,344 cores. This state-of-the-art supercomputer was installed earlier this year, reaffirming India’s commitment to advancing artificial intelligence and leveraging its potential across various sectors.

Expressing his views on this significant achievement, Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), Alkesh Sharma, emphasized the immense potential of artificial intelligence in the digital age. He highlighted India’s robust ecosystem, abundant data availability, strong digital economy, and skilled workforce as key factors that contribute to the country’s competitive advantage in AI.

Sharma further emphasized that India aims to harness AI technology to empower citizens and organizations in addressing society’s most pressing challenges and driving economic growth, ultimately making the world a better place.

“Artificial Intelligence is the most promising technology in the digital age. India has a strong ecosystem and competitive advantage for AI due to its massive data availability, strong digital economy, and skilled workforce. India has been working in Applied AI with a focus on Natural Language Processing, Image Procession, Pattern Recognition, Agriculture, Medical Imaging, Education, Health Care, Audio assistance, Robotics, and developing solutions for the strategic sectors,” Alkesh Sharma said.

Apart from AIRAWAT, India boasts three more AI supercomputers that have earned their positions in the Top 500 list:

PARAM Siddhi-AI supercomputer (Ranked 131): Installed at the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Pune, PARAM Siddhi-AI utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as NVIDIA DGX A100, AMD EPYC 7742 64C 2.25GHz, NVIDIA A100, and Mellanox HDR Infiniband, all provided by Atos.

Pratyush supercomputer (Ranked 169): Housed at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pratyush is a Cray XC40 system equipped with Xeon E5-2695v4 18C 2.1GHz processors and Aries interconnect, developed by HPE.

Mihir supercomputer (Ranked 316): Installed at the National Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting, Mihir operates on a Cray XC40 architecture, powered by Xeon E5-2695v4 18C 2.1GHz processors, and utilizes Aries interconnect technology, also supplied by HPE.

The Top500 list represents a comprehensive ranking of the world’s 500 fastest computer systems. This esteemed collection, initiated in 1993 and regularly updated every six months, identifies the most powerful supercomputers worldwide. Performance measurements, primarily based on the Linpack Benchmark determine the rankings. The Linpack Benchmark assesses a computer’s floating-point execution rate by solving dense systems of linear equations. It is worth noting that the benchmark’s characteristics have evolved over time.

The presence of these high-performance supercomputers further solidifies India’s position in the global AI landscape, paving the way for advancements in diverse fields, including natural language processing, image processing, pattern recognition, agriculture, medical imaging, education, healthcare, audio assistance, robotics, and strategic sectors.


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