‘India needs to strengthen cybersecurity policies’

'India needs to strengthen cybersecurity policies'

Saket Modi, co-founder, and CEO of Safe Security, has warned India to “strengthen” its national cybersecurity policies and practices following Lapsus$ group’s recent notorious activities. His comments come a few days after extortion group Lapsus$ claimed to have hacked well-known companies like Okta, NVIDIA, Samsung, and Microsoft in recent times.

Speaking to Indian Express, Saket Modi said, “It is not a matter of if, but when you will be hacked. India is a global leader in technology adoption today and needs to adopt a robust cybersecurity incident reporting and risk management framework, irrespective of concerns with Lapsus$. Much like the US which is moving gears in adopting better cybersecurity practices, India too needs to strengthen its national cybersecurity policies and practices.”

Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that it was hacked by Lapsus$, who gained limited access to Bing search engine and Cortana voice assistant.

In the case of Microsoft, Lapsus$ got into its network and stole the data from the source code. The hacking group also released 37GB of data on the internet stolen from Microsoft’s Azure DevOps server.

“While the investments in cybersecurity are also increasing, but today’s approach of managing cyber risks in siloes through reactive models is no longer enough. Third-party risk management is a big challenge today, and cybercriminal gangs will keep exploiting such loopholes if we do not change our approach to cyber risk management,” Modi further said.

Cybersecurity is the application created to defend computer networks, programs, data, and devices from cyberattacks. The goal of cybersecurity is to identify and cut down on the risk of data theft and data disclosures. In other words, it is the protection of internet-connected systems.


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