IBM and Microsoft partner to revolutionize business processes with generative AI solutions

In a strategic move to advance the adoption of generative AI, IBM and Microsoft are expanding their collaboration to provide joint clients with the tools, expertise, and technology required to innovate their business processes and effectively scale generative AI solutions.

The collaborative effort, spearheaded by IBM Consulting in partnership with Microsoft, will center on enabling clients to deploy and scale Azure OpenAI Service. This new offering, IBM Consulting Azure OpenAI Service, is now available on Azure Marketplace. It offers a fully managed AI service, empowering developers and data scientists to harness the capabilities of powerful large language models, including the GPT and Codex series. The primary goal is to assist businesses in crafting adoption strategies and implementing specific, value-driven generative AI use cases.

IBM and Microsoft are working together to harness the potential of AI

Alongside this groundbreaking offering, IBM and Microsoft have been working together to harness the potential of AI, leveraging IBM Consulting’s expertise and the Azure OpenAI Service to develop potential solutions tailored to specific use cases, including:

  • Procurement and Source-to-Pay: Collaboratively, the two companies provide a comprehensive solution combining Microsoft Power Platform and Azure OpenAI Service. This solution aims to automate the complex and often manual sourcing and procurement process while also offering deeper insights into the supply chain. The integration is designed to enhance operational efficiency, save time, and provide actionable insights to users.
  • Summarization and Content Generation: The financial sector is exploring the possibilities of generative AI to expedite the creation of personalized content for customers through summarization. In a notable use case, IBM Consulting and Microsoft partnered in a hackathon with Julius Baer Group to efficiently process and summarize financial reports. The collaboration resulted in the automatic creation of audio versions of these reports, exemplifying the potential of generative AI in enhancing content generation.
  • Optimizing Healthcare Processes: Leveraging Azure OpenAI Service, IBM Consulting is pioneering a solution to automate the prior authorization process within the healthcare industry. By automatically analyzing intricate medical records and policy documents, this solution intends to streamline the authorization process, reducing administrative burdens and improving the experience for clinicians. Additionally, the solution provides virtual assistants to aid healthcare professionals in collecting information from patient records.
  • Enterprise Search and Knowledge Base: Addressing the challenge of dispersed and siloed information within organizations, IBM Consulting and Microsoft collaborated to implement a knowledge extraction tool for efficient information retrieval within extensive knowledge bases. By integrating optical character recognition (OCR) and Microsoft Azure OpenAI, a user-friendly tool was developed to facilitate effortless searches, eliminating manual browsing and allowing users to access valuable insights.

Responsible adoption and integration of generative AI solutions

Francesco Brenna, Global VP & Senior Partner, Microsoft Practice at IBM Consulting, emphasized the significance of responsible adoption and integration of multi-model generative AI solutions.

“Our work with Microsoft is another example of IBM’s open ecosystem model designed to bring value to clients while helping them build and scale generative AI across their businesses,” Brenna stated.

In addition to the innovative solutions, the collaboration grants enterprise customers access to IBM Consulting experts, including a vast pool of 21,000 data, AI, and experience consultants. These experts will play a pivotal role in guiding clients through the implementation of generative AI models, propelling their business transformations into the future.

As businesses continue to explore the potential of generative AI, the collaboration between IBM and Microsoft exemplifies a commitment to responsible innovation and advancing cutting-edge technologies to drive business growth and transformation.


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