Google I/O 2023: Google launches AI-driven Search Generative Experience to challenge Microsoft Bing

At the annual Google I/O 2023 conference in Mountain View, California, on Wednesday, Google unveiled an updated version of its core search product, incorporating more artificial intelligence. The company hopes to create consumer enthusiasm similar to the buzz generated by Microsoft’s relaunch of its rival search engine, Bing, in recent months.

The new version, known as the Search Generative Experience, can now generate responses to open-ended queries while still displaying its trademark list of web links.

According to Sundar Pichai, Google is incorporating generative AI into its search and other products, such as Gmail and Google Photos. The AI will be able to create draft messages in Gmail and make significant changes to images in Google Photos.

“We are reimagining all of our core products, including search,” Sundar Pichai, Alphabet’s CEO, said during Google I/O 2023.

Vice President Cathy Edwards stated that US consumers will be able to access the Search Generative Experience in the following weeks by signing up for a waitlist. During this trial phase, Google will monitor search results’ quality, speed, and cost.

Google’s entry into generative AI technology follows OpenAI’s introduction of ChatGPT, which became the darling chatbot of Silicon Valley and spurred a race among potential competitors for funding. Generative AI can create entirely new content like complete text, images, and software code by using previous data.

Google I/O 2023: Bard now available in 180 countries

Google’s competitors have utilized its research breakthroughs and incorporated them into their products, surpassing the search engine giant.

In 2017, Google revealed an AI system that led to the discovery of ChatGPT. The rapid development of the chatbot, which was faster than any consumer application in history, prompted Google to encourage its staff to accelerate projects for public use.

In February, Google introduced its own competing chatbot called Bard. However, a promotional video showcasing Bard answering a question incorrectly led to a stock decline, resulting in a $100 billion reduction in Google’s market value.

At the Google I/O 2023, Google announced launching Bard in 180 countries and territories and its plans to expand its language support to 40 languages. The company has also created a more powerful AI model called PaLM 2, which can solve more complex problems and create better computer code.

“As we continue to make additional improvements and introduce new features, we want to get Bard into more people’s hands so they can try it out and share their feedback with us,” said Sissie Hsiao, Vice President, and General Manager for Google Assistant and Bard.

“As we further expand, we’ll continue to maintain our high standards for quality and local nuances while also ensuring we adhere to our AI Principles,” Sissie added.


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