Google for India 2022: Using AI to digitize doctors’ prescriptions, handle more languages

Google for India 2022: Using AI to digitize doctors' prescriptions, handle more languages

At Google for India 2022 event, Google announced several new features and initiatives, including its efforts to digitize doctors’ prescriptions and expand its search functionality. Users can now add text, screenshots, and images to their search queries using the new multi-search function from the search engine giant.

Research Director Manish Gupta stated that the company was working towards driving maximum impact using artificial intelligence across Indian languages, digitizing doctors’ handwritten prescriptions, and more.

“We announced today a state-of-the-art AI and machine learning model that can identify and even highlight medicines within handwritten prescriptions. This will act as an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical documents by augmenting the humans in the loop, such as pharmacists. However, no decision will be made solely based on the output provided by this technology,” Manish Gupta wrote in a blog post.

“While this system is currently under development, we look forward to sharing more updates on its broader rollout,” he added.

Google for India 2022 announces handling more Indian languages

Google is creating a unified AI model that can handle over 100 Indian languages across speech and text to aid individuals in accessing knowledge and information in their preferred language.

“Language understanding is one such technology that can dramatically bridge the information gap, and we are on a mission to eliminate barriers so that every Indian can benefit from the life-changing power of the internet in the language of their choice,” Manish Gupta wrote.

“We have set an ambitious goal of building a single, unified model capable of handling over 100 Indian languages across both speech and text. This will pave the way for a far more inclusive experience for many more Indian language speakers, and we look forward to sharing more in the coming years,” he added.

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