Google Considers Renaming AI Chatbot Bard to Gemini

Google Considers Renaming AI Chatbot Bard to Gemini

Google is reportedly set to rename Bard to Gemini, the tech giant’s renowned artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot assistant. According to a recent report by 9to5Google, this renaming aligns with matching the name of the foundational model powering the assistant’s capabilities.

A fresh changelog from Google, published on February 2, highlighted the transition from Bard to Gemini. The document explicitly mentions the shift, indicating that “Bard is now Gemini.” Furthermore, Bard Advanced, introduced in December, will be available on February 7 as “Gemini Advanced.” This advancement will give users access to Gemini Ultra, which will likely be offered as a premium tier.

Gemini Ultra, unveiled last year, is the biggest and the most capable system based on the Gemini 1.0 model. It boasts unparalleled power in executing complex tasks such as advanced reasoning, coding, and solving complex mathematical problems.

Rebranding Google: Bard to Gemini

As part of this rebranding endeavor, Google anticipates introducing an Android app for its AI chatbot. Sources suggest that the app will resemble the existing Google Assistant app, initially launching exclusively in the United States on select devices, including Pixel devices and the Galaxy S24 series.

However, as per insights from 9to5Google, plans are underway to extend the app’s availability to more regions and languages following its initial debut phase.

In recent advancements, Google enhanced Bard’s capabilities with features like image generation powered by the Imagen 2 model. Moreover, the company expanded the reach of its AI chat assistant, using the Gemini Pro model, to encompass more regions and support over 40 languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.


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