Lululemon’s GenAI Integration: Transforming Activewear Retail Experience

GenAI at Lululemon: CIO Julie Averill Shares Insights

To improve the online shopping experience for its consumers, Lululemon Athletica, renowned for its evolution from a yoga wear company to a global activewear brand, has embraced generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) technology. Julie Averill, the Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of Lululemon, highlighted how the company uses GenAI across various platforms to cater to the evolving needs of its consumers.

GenAI at Lululemon

The integration of GenAI at Lululemon is not merely about enhancing the search experience on its online store but also about revolutionizing product creation. Averill said, “One of our competitive advantages is our data. We can understand much about our guests and what they want from us. Now, we can predict and recommend new products they might like and what’s available.”

Moreover, Lululemon is also experimenting with using GenAI to improve and refine product creation. Averill states, “We are currently in the proof-of-concept stage, augmenting our product designers with GenAI to explore faster and more efficient product creation.”

Commenting on the strategic importance of GenAI at Lululemon, Averill remarks, “I think GenAI is an extremely interesting space. When we look across product creation through guest experience, there’s a lot of potential, and we’re conducting a significant amount of tests to understand where the right place is to push in at this moment fully.”

India’s Collaboration

The increasing need for GenAI at Lululemon AI is not limited to personalizing user shopping experiences but extends to various facets of its operations, including merchandise planning, automatic attributions, and store clustering.

Lululemon banks on its global tech hubs, including one in Bengaluru, India; Lululemon is set to accelerate its AI and ML solutions that power GenAI tools. Averill said, “The real reason for coming to India was the depth of talent available and the breadth of expertise.” Averill was in India to open the new space where the tech hub is, which now has around 500 employees with expertise in AI, ML, and cloud. Moreover, the company plans to double the headcount at its tech hub soon.


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