Futureverse announces merger of eight Web3 companies aiming to form open metaverse ecosystem

Futureverse announces merger of eight Web3 companies aiming to form open metaverse ecosystem

Futureverse announced the merger of eight metaverse businesses to enhance the Web3 and “Open Metaverse” experience.

The result of five years of planning, investigation, and development is Futureverse, which lays the groundwork for an open, expandable metaverse infrastructure with top-notch content and a vibrant user base. Aaron McDonald, Shara Senderoff, Marco Brondani, and Daniel Gillespie co-founded Futureverse, which employs over 300 full-time workers.

Infrastructure is essential for the metaverse to materialize. The Root Network, a decentralized blockchain network designed for user experience, connects The Futureverse infrastructure’s four necessary tools—identity, AI, communications, and payments—vertically.

It all comes to life through a rich layer of user-generated content created with narrative. To enhance user experience and hasten adoption, the Futureverse roll-up brings all of these essential components required to build the “Open Metaverse” together under one roof.

Futureverse co-founder Aaron McDonald said, “For the past five years, we’ve been developing the tools and infrastructure to co-create the future with our communities. We’re enabling companies and creators to deliver the open metaverse experience they want for their audience. We don’t see the metaverse as one super app controlled by a single company. Futureverse is your seamless portal in and out of all apps in the metaverse; with you comes your passport, friends, communications, finances, and content.”

Cultural presence in Web3

Futureverse has already established a significant cultural presence in the Web3 space and beyond, creating new content to demonstrate the technology. This has been accomplished through partnerships and various projects with the following individuals and organizations: FIFA, Authentic Brands Group, Muhammad Ali Enterprises, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Keanu Reeves, and Alexandra Grant, with more to be announced soon.

“Many companies are telling you that they’re building the future. We are not,” said Futureverse co-founder Shara Senderoff. “We believe that the future is a collective vision. The future is the only truly decentralized idea. Futureverse proposes a more virtuous model for the internet both in values and technology, designed to shape what’s to come and who controls it together.”

The following businesses are represented in the Futureverse roll-up:

  1. Altered State Machine
  2. Non-Fungible Labs
  3. Sylo
  4. Centrapay
  5. Centrapass
  6. Immersve
  7. Shadows Interactive
  8. Altered Phoenix


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