Google, Twitter, Meta agree to take firmer stance against disinformation

Google, Twitter, Meta agree to take firmer stance against disinformation

Tech giants Google, Twitter, Microsoft, and Meta have signed the updated EU’s New Code of Conduct to take a stricter stance against disinformation, including deepfakes and fake accounts.

European Commission has said that more than 30 signatories, including advertising bodies, have agreed to abide by the updated code of practice. The European Commission’s code of practice is an action plan to tackle fake news.

Deepfakes are computer-generated hyperrealistic forgeries to replace one person’s likeness with another in video and other digital media. Deepfakes, technology based on deep learning algorithms, has triggered alarm worldwide with video hoaxes, images, and audio.

An EU executive confirmed that the tech companies that signed the code have pledged to take a firmer stance to tackle deep fakes, fake accounts, and political advertising. European Commission has also revealed that “non-compliance can lead to fines as much as 6%” of a company’s global turnover.

The companies have until “6 months to comply with pledges” or face fines.

“Relevant signatories will adopt, reinforce and implement clear policies regarding impermissible manipulative behaviours and practices on their services, based on the latest evidence on the conducts and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) employed by malicious actors,” the document said.


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