How digitization is helping businesses experience noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction

How digitization is helping businesses experience noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction

A recent study by GoodFirms has found that digitization has helped businesses experience improved performance. According to the GoodFirms survey, around 78.6% of companies say they have fully adopted digital technology and have automated the majority of their manual tasks.

The survey, dubbed “Digital Business Knowledge,” attempts to pinpoint and analyze the existing state of digital businesses and their primary motivating factors, opportunities, and obstacles. It also looks at the potential future reach of enterprises in digitization. The most essential tools and technologies used by digital organizations are also highlighted in the survey.

Lower operational costs were cited by 72.8% of respondents as the primary motivation for digitizing businesses, followed by higher customer satisfaction (70%), quality and sustainability (64.2%), increased productivity (59.6%), better decision-making (53%) and increased transparency & visibility (50.1%), among other factors.

Among the most well-known and widely used digital technologies are machine learning, , augmented and virtual reality, robotic process automation (RPA), the internet of things (IoT), blockchain, 5G, edge computing, quantum computing and artificial intelligence in customer experience.

Top digitization tools

When asked about customer experience analytics and advantages their companies had experienced since going digital, 72.8% of respondents cited improved digital customer experience and service, followed by increased business growth (69%), lower operating expenses (54.2%), employee empowerment (48.4%), expanded reach (35.7%), agility (27.3%), and so on. These are the main advantages that firms have noticed due to going digital.

Digital marketing topped the most popular business tools list, followed by CRM, Accounting, HR, Social Media Management, Inventory, E-commerce, and others.

According to GoodFirms, digitization helps organizations by encouraging automation and enabling them to improve operational effectiveness. and design customer experience strategies. Additionally, digitization decreases the need for human intervention, lowering operating expenses, the likelihood of error, and leading to customer experience management benefits.


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