Digital Experience Platform adoption rises as industries shift towards customer-centric approach

According to a recent Grand View Research report, the global digital experience platform (DXP) market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 11.9%, reaching a total value of $30.41 billion by 2030.

Many companies across various industries have started adopting a customer-centric approach to leverage real-time customer data. By using DXPs, businesses can gain a comprehensive overview of customer interactions, activities, and data across multiple applications and touchpoints.

To attract tech-savvy and self-educating customers, enterprises are giving importance to different aspects of the digital experience. Companies can leverage digital experiences to boost customer engagement and improve operational efficiency in the long term. These factors bolster the growth of the digital experience platform industry.

The global digital experience platform market is expected to grow due to rising demand for CRM solutions, driven by companies’ focus on digital marketing and services to improve customer experience.

Incorporating advanced technologies like cloud computing and big data analytics is crucial for enhancing the efficiency of DXPs, and this will contribute to the market’s growth in the coming years.

The digital experience platform industry is poised for significant growth as there are increasing public and private investments in AI and big data analytics technologies.

By integrating AI and machine learning (ML), marketers can automate various aspects of their marketing processes, including content creation and data analysis, while ensuring compliance with security standards. This presents promising opportunities for the DXP industry.

According to the report, companies are integrating chatbots into their websites using AI to address a range of consumer queries. Furthermore, AI utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to optimize search engine performance by determining user intent via semantic vector search. These factors will contribute to the further growth of the DXP market.

Key Players of the DXP Market, Inc.
Acquia Inc.
International Business Machines Corporation
Liferay, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Open Text Corporation
Oracle Corporation


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