Google and Microsoft intend to power their data centers with renewable energy

Google and Microsoft intend to power their data centers with renewable energy

By utilizing renewable energy sources in their data centers, Google and Microsoft have announced new agreements to reduce the carbon footprint of their IT operations.

In order to power its facilities in the UK, Google has entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the French utility company Engie for 100 MW of energy produced by the Moray West offshore wind farm. Microsoft announced PPAs to supply its data centers in Ireland with more than 900 MW of renewable energy.

Sources claim Statkraft and Ireland’s Energia Group are two companies associated with a combination of wind and solar projects, despite Microsoft’s not revealing its renewable energy providers.

Google said the new agreements would help the business to entirely run its cloud regions and UK offices on carbon-free energy by 2030. According to the corporation, it anticipates being completely or nearly carbon-free by 2025, thanks to the most recent PPA signed with Engie.

“We want to ensure that our electricity demand is met with carbon-free energy, every hour of every day, everywhere. Reaching our goal won’t be easy, but climate change demands urgent action. By aiming for round-the-clock clean energy in all our data center operations and office campuses, our goal is to prove that a carbon-free economy is possible for all,” Google wrote in a blog.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has expanded its commitment to consuming less carbon and helping to find solutions for climate change, in addition to growing its data centers to accommodate customer demand.


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