Info-Tech Research Group launches blueprint to empower nonprofits with data-driven transformation

In the wake of the pandemic’s impact on traditional programs and fundraising avenues, nonprofit organizations have been compelled to adapt by integrating digital tools into their operations. Unbeknownst to many, these tools have been collecting valuable data that can revolutionize the nonprofit sector.

Recognizing the increasing significance of data-driven approaches, nonprofit leaders are now urged to initiate data programs to stay ahead of current trends. Addressing this critical need, Info-Tech Research Group has launched a comprehensive resource specifically tailored to nonprofits seeking to harness the power of data.

Titled “Make the Case for Your Nonprofit’s Data and Analytics Initiative,” this innovative blueprint aims to showcase the inherent value of data in nonprofit organizations. It introduces a use case repository as the first step toward initiating a transformative journey, enabling nonprofits to prioritize their efforts based on alignment with organizational strategies, goals, objectives, and capacity.

“Building and fostering a data-driven culture will accelerate and sustain the adoption of, appetite for, and appreciation for data, therefore driving the return on a data investment,” says Monica Pagtalunan, a research analyst in the Industry Practice at Info-Tech Research Group.

“On their data journeys, nonprofits can prioritize operational excellence use cases to mitigate risk. However, this may not push enough boundaries to excite the organization about a data initiative. Therefore, it’s important to consider use cases that drive constituent experience and program innovation.”

Data-driven programs accelerate digital transformation

Extensive research supports that data-driven programs foster accelerated transformation, enhancing nonprofit organizations’ digital capabilities. By adopting data and analytics, nonprofits have the potential to ride the wave of digital acceleration. The newly released resource emphasizes three primary reasons why nonprofits should embrace data-driven initiatives:

Unprecedented Challenges: Nonprofit organizations have faced various pressures over the past three years, including program disruptions, staffing shortages, decreased funding, and soaring service demand. By embracing digital transformation, nonprofits can fortify their resilience in the face of external disruptions and internal interruptions.

Digital Resilience: A digitally transformed nonprofit organization can effectively combat changes in consumer behaviors and preferences by leveraging digital giving, virtual events, and conversational artificial intelligence (AI). These digital avenues have provided nonprofits with promising solutions to adapt to the evolving landscape.

Data as the Foundation: Successful digital transformation hinges on becoming data-driven. Data serves as the bedrock for supporting core organizational initiatives. With the proliferation of digital tools that inherently generate vast amounts of data, nonprofits can leverage these insights to understand their impact and value comprehensively.

The release of the data-backed blueprint marks a significant milestone in the nonprofit sector’s journey toward embracing digital transformation. As nonprofits strive to navigate the challenges brought forth by the pandemic, this resource serves as a beacon of guidance, empowering organizations to harness the power of data and unlock their full potential in delivering critical services to those in need.


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