Alphabet, Microsoft among top 100 investors in blockchain industry

Alphabet, Microsoft among top 100 investors in blockchain industry

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is among the top 100 companies to invest heavily in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. According to Blockdata, a market intelligence platform for blockchain technology, Alphabet has invested a whopping $1.5 billion in the blockchain industry since September 2021.

“The investors active in the biggest funding rounds are Alphabet ($1,506M in 4 rounds), Blackrock ($1,171M in 3 rounds), Morgan Stanley ($1,10M in 2 rounds), Samsung ($979M in 13 rounds), Goldman Sachs ($698M in 5 rounds, BNY Mellon ($690M in 3 rounds), and PayPal ($650M in 4 rounds),” Blockdata wrote in a blog post.

Consumer electronics giant Samsung was the most active investor between September 2021 to mid-June 2022, Blockdata revealed.

“Samsung is the most active, having invested in 13 companies. UOB came in next with seven investments, followed by Citigroup with six investments, and Goldman Sachs with 5,” the blog read.

Even though Bill Gates doesn’t seem to be a big fan of cryptocurrency, his company Microsoft has also invested in several projects.

ConsenSys, a blockchain services company, secured one of the highest funding amounts $450M deal that involved Microsoft. The tech major has invested $477 million in the analyzed period.

“As for traditional corporations (Samsung, Microsoft, etc.), they already support the blockchain landscape, as indicated by the funding trend over the years. Now, it is a matter of finding innovative companies and portfolios that add value to their core business growth and consolidation. Like banks, corporations may want to look away from standalone trends and focus on segments which can provide them synergistic growth,” Blockdata said.

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