Authors File Lawsuit Against Nvidia for AI Copyright Infringement 

Nvidia has been sued by three authors who have accused the chip giants of copyright infringement to train the NeMo AI platform.  

Brian Keene, Abdi Nazemian, and Stewart O’Nan said Nvidia used around 196,640 books, including their works, to train NeMo to generate ordinary written language before it was taken down in October “due to reported copyright infringement.” 

Nvidia Sued by Authors 

In the lawsuit, filed in San Francisco federal court on Friday night, the authors claimed that the removal of the dataset in October due to reported copyright infringement is evidence of the company “admitting” using their copyrighted materials for training NeMo. 

The authors seek unspecified damages through a lawsuit on behalf of individuals in the United States whose copyrighted works helped to train NeMo’s large language models over the past three years. 

Among the works cited in the lawsuit are Keene’s 2008 novel “Ghost Walk,” Nazemian’s 2019 novel “Like a Love Story,” and O’Nan’s 2007 novella “Last Night at the Lobster.” 

Nvidia declined to comment, and the authors’ legal representatives have yet to provide additional statements. 

This legal action against Nvidia highlights a broader trend of writers and entities pursuing litigation against companies involved in generative AI technologies. Nvidia’s NeMo platform, advertised as a rapid and cost-effective solution for adopting generative AI, is now at the center of this legal dispute. 

The lawsuit against Nvidia adds to a growing list of legal disputes faced by companies in the AI sector, like OpenAI, which created the AI platform ChatGPT, and its partner Microsoft. As AI continues to rise across various industries, legal conflicts over copyright infringement and intellectual property rights will likely intensify. 

Nvidia’s prominence in the AI industry has made it a favorite among investors. The Santa Clara, California-based chipmaker’s stock price has risen by almost 600% since the end of 2022, giving Nvidia a staggering market value of nearly $2.2 trillion. 


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