Amazon introduces new cloud tools to facilitate chatbot development as AI battle with Microsoft, Google intensifies

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched a set of cloud tools to assist other businesses in creating their AI-powered chatbots and image-generating services. While Microsoft and Alphabet have already incorporated AI chatbots into their consumer products, they also focus on selling the technology to other businesses through their cloud services.

AWS, the largest provider of cloud computing services globally, has joined the competition with its exclusive AI technologies, albeit with a different strategy.

AWS is introducing a new offering called Bedrock, enabling businesses to tailor foundation models. The fundamental AI technologies are responsible for tasks such as responding to queries with natural-sounding text and creating images from prompts – according to their preferences by utilizing their data.

This customization results in the creation of a unique model. OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, also provides a comparable service, allowing clients to personalize the models that support ChatGPT to produce a custom chatbot.

How AWS cloud tool Bedrock works

With the Bedrock service, clients can access Amazon’s exclusive foundation models, known as Amazon Titan, and select from other companies’ models. The initial third-party options will be furnished by startups AI21 Labs, Anthropic, and Stability AI, in addition to Amazon’s models.

Utilizing the Bedrock service enables AWS customers to experiment with these technologies without the burden of managing the data center servers that support them.

“With Bedrock’s serverless experience, you can get started quickly, privately customize FMs with your data, and easily integrate and deploy them into your applications using the AWS cloud tools and capabilities you are familiar with,” AWS wrote on its website.

The data center servers supporting the Bedrock service will utilize a combination of custom AI chips developed by Amazon and chips supplied by Nvidia Corp, the largest chip provider for AI-related tasks. However, its chips have been in short supply this year.

“We’re able to land tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of these chips, as we need them,” Dave Brown, vice president of Elastic Compute Cloud at AWS, said of the company’s custom chips. “It is a release valve for some of the supply-chain concerns that I think folks are worried about.”


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