Jensen Huang Envisions a World Transformed by AI and Accelerated Computing

NVIDIA President Jensen Huang stated at the World Governments Summit in Dubai on Monday that the world is experiencing a new AI industrial revolution. While acknowledging the fears connected to AI, Huang emphasized its crucial role in enhancing efficiencies across sectors.

Huang said AI and accelerated computing are the keys to cost-effective acceleration in various domains. He further claimed, “Computer programming for everything is no longer an option or feasible.”

Beginning of the AI Industrial Revolution

Huang said the world was at the beginning of a new AI industrial revolution. “There will now be less amount of tools usually needed for different reasons. In the last ten years, one of the greatest contributions we made was advancing computing and AI by a million-fold.”

He mentioned that AI industrial evolution is slowly replacing the era of computer programming, which has evolved over the last six decades. He noted that this new technology is becoming more accessible. Huang further stated that the global awakening to AI’s potential has made it clear that AI is not as daunting as once thought; instead, it’s simply about creating intelligence.

Like, Nvidia officials are in conversation with representatives from, Meta, Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI to discuss manufacturing custom chips for them worth $ 30 billion.

Nvidia CEO Saya Every Country Needs Sovereign AI

The idea of a sovereign AI adapted to meet each country’s needs has developed to allow every country to use it according to its data, language, and sector requirements. This democratization has enabled each to use it for their own tailored needs, as showcased by Saudi Aramco, which uses AI to benefit by including several languages to make it more accessible for people.

 Despite its advantages, Huang acknowledged that many still find AI daunting. He posed questions such as “Without the internet, can we be digital at all? Without farms, will you be able to produce food?” and emphasized that “Whenever a new technology is created, whether it is medicine or airplanes, there is always an interest to scare people away from it, and that’s a mistake.” Huang stressed the importance of developing technological safety measures, transparency, and using open-source language. “Also, we should be encouraging people to engage in AI. It has become so talked about because anyone can now become a programmer. The tech divide has been closed.”


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