3i Infotech invests in 5G powered SASE solutions provider Exium

3i Infotech invests in 5G

3i Infotech Inc. USA, a 3i Infotech Limited step-down subsidiary, has invested in Exium to help accelerate innovation in cloud-delivered security and digital experience. Exium is a 5G-powered Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) solution.

3i Infotech aims to offer premium security to customers globally and across verticals in banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), retail, and telecom. The investment reinforces a shared vision for increasing the adoption of borderless security at the edge.

“NuRe Edge is a SASE platform with Secure Internet Access (SIA) and Secure Private Access (SPA) which converges network with security. It is a platform available today with a 5G zero-trust model, hardware security, native XDR (Any Detection & Response), and a 5G IoT edge computing platform. It eliminates the need for high upfront costs with subscription or pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing. It can be deployed across any vertical, be it telecom or BFSI. 3i Infotech, as part of its one-stop solution provider proposition, offers NuRe Edge as a managed services offering. NuRe Edge is offered on Oracle OCI, Azure, and AWS. For enterprise customers, this can be offered in a hybrid model,” according to the statement released by 3i Infotech.

The investment is part of 3i Infotech’s more extensive ‘Resident Entrepreneurship’ program, allowing technology entrepreneurs to join hands with 3i Infotech and invent new value-creating intellectual property in 5G, Edge Services, cognitive computing services, and education technology. The move will incubate and accelerate startups and fuel new services lines and build new IPs.

3i Infotech nominated Nilesh Gupta, SVP & Global Practice Head, 3i Infotech Limited, to serve as a strategic advisor to Exium.

“I would term this as a lethal combination of sorts, with Exium’s laser-sharp focus on product innovation combined with our global presence, market know-how, and best-of-breed solutions, creating a real value and differentiator for our customers. Combined, we have a huge addressable market to serve. As part of this strategic investment, we will work closely with Exium’s product development team to further enhance market needs toward a better digital transformation journey. We plan to work extensively with Exium to offer edge solutions at scale to all verticals through this collaboration,” Nilesh Gupta said.

Farooq Khan, CEO of Exium, welcomed Neelesh Gupta to the board of advisors.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Nilesh Gupta to our board of advisors. His management wisdom and domain expertise run broad and deep in virtually every aspect of high-tech business growth — from product to business development and sales to engineering needs for cloud, security, applications, and analytics. We are confident that his contribution will be significant to the advisory board and benefit from decades of global entrepreneurial experience,” Farooq Khan said.


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