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ScienceSoft has been one of the top data analytics companies offering mature data analytics services since 1989. Thanks to their expertise, the company can address both small and complex problems that are entirely in line with business requirements.

No matter which industry you belong to, be it finance, HR, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. The ScienceSoft team is experienced in delivering smart data analytics to 30+ industries to maximize their business data’s value.

ScienceSoft has covered you with all your data analytics services, from automation to advanced data analytics.

Top Data Analytics Solutions are Offered by ScienceSoft

Here is a quick walkaround of the services offered by ScienceSoft:

Data Integration and Data Warehousing

The company can integrate data analytics to simulate data warehousing operations and extract essential data from the vast sea of data.

Big Data

ScienceSoft can help you with setup and all the support you might have to capture, analyze, and report on the data. In addition, the company can also help you with big data quality and security management.

Data Science

The development and implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions simplify data preparation and management.

Self Service BI

Having expertise in designing and implementing infrastructure for business intelligence and analytics, ScienceSoft is the right partner for you.

Data Visualization

The company can develop interactive dashboards by using visualization techniques such as symbol maps, line charts, pie charts, and bar charts.

These were a few of the services offered by ScienceSoft. Now, let’s come to the company’s different service approaches to address the client’s diverse needs.

Flexible Service Approaches that ScienceSoft Follows

Analytics as a Services (AaaS)

Like SaaS, ScienceSoft also offers Analytics as a Service (AaaS). Under this model, you have to pay a minimal subscription, and you will be able to use the customized cloud analytics platform developed by ScienceSoft. This model saves you from the long-standing process of data analytics solutions development and hefty budget too.

Managed Data Analysis

Under this model, the company will assign you a data analyst who will work on the collection of your business data and generate important insight from it to allow your business to make informed decisions.

Data Analytics Consulting

A team of data analytics consultants will listen to your business needs and then provide you with the optimal data analytics solutions that you can opt to make sure all your business needs are addressed.

Data Analytics Implementation

By evaluating your business needs, ScienceSoft can design and implement the data analytics solution from scratch, addressing the core needs of your business. It is known for developing scalable solutions, which means your answer can grow in response to your business growth.

Data Analytics Solution Modernization

ScienceSoft can help you upgrade your existing solution to make it more compliant with your upgrading business needs and help your business to reach the maximum ROI possible.

Reasons Why You Should Work With ScienceSoft?

Here are a few critical explanations for why you should choose Sciencesoft as your ideal data analytics company:

  • Over 33 years of experience in data analytics and data science.
  • Offering business intelligence and data analytics services for more than 17 years.
  • 9 Years of experience in big data.
  • Partner with Microsoft Power BI Services for more than six years.

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