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As a data analytics professional, your job entails extracting data from multiple databases and managing it in a structured manner, among other aspects.

As a business integration software solution, ClicData allows users to easily integrate their software with numerous databases and business applications of all shapes and sizes. You can also use the ClickData application to integrate with a variety of databases, both relational and non-relational.

ClicData allows you to integrate hundreds of business applications such as ERPs, CRMs, marketing, e-commerce, and accounting systems.

Having been a Microsoft Azure partner for years, ClicData can provide you with the best data security & user management. This ensures your data will be protected and secure on host servers across the globe. Additionally, you can choose whether you want your data history to be hosted on a dedicated server or not with ClicData. The tool also allows administrators to set access limits for different employees so they can only access the data and KPIs they need.

To help businesses grow with the technology, ClickData is providing software committed to complying with the latest developments and innovative solutions to make companies grow.

How ClicData Can Help You?

Here is a list of the benefits that you can avail yourself with data analytics tools;

Regression Analysis

The model should be used to estimate the metric given a new set of factors based on the relationships between a metric and its contributing factors. Its defining characteristic is the ability to predict events that have not yet happened through regression analysis.

Data Classification

Analysis of the topic of interest identifies and groups other related topics based on characteristics that correspond to those characteristics. Group similar topics based on their properties and identify possible topics based on those properties.

Text Analysis

Text analysis can identify discrete categories for those words. The method can also analyze sentiment, automate document processing, or analyze text-based data.

Time Series Regression

The purpose of time series regression is to predict the future growth of an asset using historical data based on the passage of time. In addition to sales and energy consumption, this can be used for demand planning and other time-based calculations.

Final Take

Data-driven teams benefit from the technology’s innovation and agility, enabling them to handle any data with ease and tightly link it to visualization. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from BI using ClicData’s Business Intelligence solution. This method allows for better and faster visualizations while keeping the data warehouse as the single source of truth.


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