Elevating Endpoint Security with AI-Powered Innovation


The immediate challenge of securing remote employees due to the pandemic may have passed. However, the CISO remains as strategic as ever, especially given the resource challenges and the notable amount of open headcount security positions.

“A platform that will revolutionize how you secure and manage your endpoints.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the security landscape, and endpoint security is no exception. AI and Machine Learning (ML) enable cybersecurity and IT teams to improve the insights, productivity, and economies of scale they can achieve with smaller teams. In today’s world, there are three ‘musts’: Businesses must move faster, reduce cyber risks, and break down data and operational silos that stifle innovation.

Fueled by AI, HCL BigFix 11, an endpoint management platform, is a quantum leap that empowers organizations to redefine how they accelerate business IT, align security stakeholders, and ally tools, teams, and processes in a unified way.

Join this event for an insightful discussion about the future of endpoint management, security, and compliance embedding Generative AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) with HCL BigFix 11.

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Jean Benoit Nonque
 Senior Sales Director HCL BigFix
Robert Leong
Sr.Director, Product Management


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