Diversity Hackathon: Hiring & Prize Challenge by NLB Services

Diversity Hackathon: Hiring & Prize Challenge by NLB Services

It is that time of the year again!

We invite all aspiring women coders for a Virtual Hackathon this #Women’sDay.

Here is your chance to showcase your coding prowess and win! Code, Execute, Test and Win!

The hackathon will happen in two phases.

• In the first phase, participants will face a coding challenge in Java & .NET followed by an MCQ challenge. After completing the coding challenge, participants will be tested with an MCQ challenge.

• In the second phase, the MCQ challenge will be conducted on ClearedTalent, an online platform for a vetted talent community and a strategic partner of NLB Services.

Ground Rules:

  1. The Diversity Hackathon would be of 1 hour duration.
  2. You can access the problem statement by clicking the “Solve Problem” button.
  3. There will be a live coding environment to code and compile.
  4. Once you finish, a default test case will be used to check your code.

Primary Skills required:
Java, .NET

Event Details:

Date: 8th March to 11th April 2022

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