What does Cognos Analytics Do?

cognos analytics

IBM Cognos is a business intelligence web-based analytics and reporting tool. This enterprise-based software offers several features to make user-friendly detailed reports and conduct data aggregation. Cognos Analytics IBM provides a feature to export reports in PDF or XML format and view the reports in XML format. Cognos offers an analytical solution for company needs that is scalable and self-service.

Getting Started with Cognos Analytics

Cognos, founded by Alan Rushforth and Peter Glenister in 1969 as a consulting firm, shifted its focus to software sales. In 2008, IBM acquired Cognos and continued to uphold its legacy of software products. In 2010, Cognos acquired SPSS to design the business analytics division. Recently in 2021, Cognos released the 11.0.13 version with a new installation process.

Cognos Analytics is a dynamic business intelligence tool used for event monitoring, data mining, data analysis, and metric selection for visualization. To stay ahead of the competition, a company needs powerful analytics medium to make predictions about future events and take suitable actions in advance.

How does Cognos make Work Easy?

Cognos Analytics Business Intelligence tool enables you to integrate reporting, analysis, dashboards, modeling, stories, and event management such that you understand organizational data better and lead to effective business decisions. Today, major companies apply IBM Cognos to their analytical tasks for significant business decisions on time and hence, fighting the market competition.

Cognos Analytics has made working significantly easier for businesses, and below are some techniques on how it does so.

  • It is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence which allows Cognos Analytics to make predictions about future outcomes and design intelligent dashboards.
  • It has pattern detection capabilities that enable users to identify hidden patterns in their data which can be otherwise left unheard.
  • It significantly helps to design an intelligent and interactive dashboard in several formats meeting business requirements. It allows the stakeholders to monitor the charts in a way that supports business decision-making.
  • Natural language processing helps users to extract information from raw text and further, form informed decisions. Cognos Analytics uses natural language powered by AI that helps its users to get brilliant solutions to the queries imposed by them.
  • Manual tasks demand a lot of time and effort. With IBM Cognos Analytics you can reduce manual intervention as it automates the data-preparation process via its built-in intelligence process.

Cognos Analytics Components

cognos analytics components
  • Cognos Connection: It is a web portal that comprises all the functions such as retrieving, managing, publishing, viewing, and organizing organizational scoreboards, reports, and agents.
  • Query Studio: It helps companies to get immediate solutions to their business-linked questions. It helps companies to effectively know about their customers, products, and organizational needs.
  • Report Studio: Any organization can design pixel-perfect reports using Cognos report studio. It enables you to design lists, maps, charts, or any other form of report through multidimensional and relational data sources.
  • Event Studio: It enables you to assign a particular event that sends a notification to all the organization’s stakeholders. Hence, notifying about the real-time company events.
  • Analysis Studio: This comprises OLAP operations which help in analyzing the events or trends, evaluating business performance, and detecting anomalies for multidimensional analysis.
  • Metric Studio: It enables you to detect and analyze business metrics by creating a scorecard environment. Metric Studio also helps you to design criteria by monitoring your company to see how it reacts to the changes made in the criteria.

Cognos Analytics Advantages

Today, Cognos is considered a significant BI reporting tool for any company to make effective decisions certainly due to the following advantages that it offers:

  • Data preparation: Using Cognos, different format files such as spreadsheets or CSV could be easily uploaded and accessed. Through Natural Language Processing you can identify relevant sources and automate the integration process of varying data sources.
  • Data exploration: Cognos can be used to visualize or report data professionally. Along with this, its amazing properties help to plot the correct chart for a specific business issue. Hence, the geospatial activities are also included in the dashboard.
  • Data sharing: Once the data is ready and analyzed, you can share it across different platforms or in a cloud. Cognos Analytics allows users to report subscriptions, and multiple charts can be integrated to prepare a story through several features such as overlays, voiceovers, and so on.


IBM Cognos BI tool for web-based reporting and analytics. It offers real-time events, notifications, and alerts. It helps businesses to prepare reports and dashboards and provide solutions by analyzing their data. Overall, the objective of Cognos Analytics is to offer qualitative insights which help users understand their data and its relationships.


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