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Norman Group is a UX consulting organization arranging training, research, and advisory offerings for different companies. The fathers of the UX career based NN/g as a UX consulting organization. And in case you find it an overstatement, study these guys. In his job title, the first individual to hold – User Experience – Don Norman joined Apple as a user experience architect in 1993. Together with Jacob Nielsen, and some other pioneers of net usability (or “net ergonomics” as they had known it a long time ago), they invented many essential things in this field. 

The NN/g crew has incredible expertise in the foundations of design and usability. They have received renown for their studies research which they post on their website. They spotlight the significance of UX research everywhere. Even their slogan consists of the word “studies-based user experience.” As you’ll anticipate from a corporation run by industry veterans, NN/g makes a specialty of teaching and giving advice. They don’t do actual design tasks but teach UX, organize conferences, and offer research and advisory offerings to different companies. Today NN/g acts a bit like an intelligent grandpa for the UX industry. They no longer give you modern-day new ideas; however, they train the younger generation and check recent trends. 

They additionally post research reviews to offer feedback and assist the industry remain on the right track. The founders, Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman, are diagnosed worldwide for their management in defining the sector of UX. 

Together, they established Nielsen Norman Group, an elite organization committed to enhancing the ordinary experience of the use of technology. They discover which designs work best by reading users around the arena as they interact with authentic websites and applications. They consider it extra crucial to depend on what the users do instead of what they are saying. Their findings help groups and brands enhance their UX design agency and create a higher experience for their customers in the long run. In their 23 years in business, they’ve evaluated many websites and applications and consulted for top brands in virtually every industry. They share the study’s findings to assist designers and groups enhance user experiences, via   

  • A free library of 1500 articles which include research findings, guidelines, and UX methods   
  • Research reviews and books with in-depth findings   
  • Training seminars on the UX Conferences that have been attended by more than 60,000 practitioners from106 nations and territories   
  • An exam-based UX Certification software with more than 11,000 graduates since 2014   
  • Online Seminars for targeted, reachable learning   

1993: Don Norman coined the term – User Experience – at the same time as at Apple (the words were utilized in a word by others. However, he made it a job title). Jakob Nielsen posted Usability Engineering, an early defining textual content for user research techniques and excellent practices, which has since been mentioned in over 15,000 scholarly articles.   

1994: Jakob Nielsen publishes “10 Usability Heuristics”, a usability tick list now referenced and taught around the arena as the simple tenets of usability.   

1998: Nielsen Norman Group was founded by Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman. 


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