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Framer, the Amsterdam-based startup at the back of interactive design platform Framer X, has raised $24 million in Series B investment. The round is led by European VC company Atomico, with participation from Accel and AngelList. The startup will use the new capital to build its designers and product teams platform. Framer has raised $33 million so far.

Founded by ex-Facebookers Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk, Framer has got down to ride (and power) a trend that sees every organization becoming a digital business. It has become a product-first organization as purchasers become accustomed to high-quality apps and other digital experiences.

This means that better tools are required to prototype news apps or features, consequently shortening the feedback loop and accelerating the overall development procedure. To that quit, Framer X is defined as a “completely integrated design, prototyping, and developer handoff tool” that makes it smooth to create app designs and prototypes that can be as visually polished as a production app.

Designs created in Framer X are powered through the React framework. The UI UX design platform permits numerous off-the-shelf interactivity in preference to prototypes being static wireframes or designs with restricted transitions or hotspots. You can also export the front-end code to your production apps.

However, as defined in the course of a video presentation by Bok and Dijk, what potentially sets Framer X aside from different competing app design and prototyping tools, is that you could additionally import production additives and assets into the software program for reuse. Via the “Framer X Store,” these React-based additives also can come from and be shared by the broader developer community. Examples consist of video players (together with YouTube), live maps and statistics generators, UI kits, and interactive design systems.

This method that Framer is trying to be a platform play in the real sense of the word, while the Framer X Store is an intelligent way of making network effects. Tech brands that have their very own developer ecosystems (and are in part “API businesses”) could make components and visual assets available in the store to lower the obstacles for third-party app builders who need to build integrations. Related to this, the organization is announcing the beta launch of a personal design store for teams on Framer X.

The Team Store permits individuals of teams at the same organization to collaborate and share brand assets, design additives, and more to allow inner interactive design systems to live within the Framer platform additionally. Cue a statement from Atomico companion Hiro Tamura, who led on behalf of the London-based project capital firm: “The world’s quality digital products, like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, and Snap, are designed and constructed by teams. Those teams are already utilizing Framer X. We are enthusiastic about partnering with Koen, Jorn, and the Framer team to help make that level of digital product excellence and innovation handy to any organization in any traditional industry, from economic offerings; to retail and beyond.”

Meanwhile, Framer’s founding backstory is well worth noting. Bok and Dijk formerly founded app and design studio Sofa, which they offered to Facebook in 2011. As a part of the deal, they relocated to Facebook’s headquarters in the U.S., and worked on various products, reporting directly to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. However, seeing a possibility to help more organizations transition to becoming digital-first and product-led, the pair left to find Framer in 2014.


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