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FlowMapp is a web device for developing a visual sitemap that can correctly design and plan a better UX for websites. It collects, organizes, and stores necessities for developing websites and apps using an interactive Sitemap and User Flow.

It additionally enables to plan of user experience and enhances purchaser journey paths. It helps Flowchart diagrams to improve user experience and plans user journeys. It creates interactive and visible sitemaps for website planning and handling web development tasks. Also, exploring the target audience’s expectations, concerns, motivations, and so on.

Some of its functions are developing and customizing every flow, sharing tasks with teammates and customers, online collaboration for flowchart introduction, exporting and integrating the flow chart, minimizing the quantity of software and tools, capacity to save documents, contextual organization of communications, and more.

Andrey Severin, the CEO of FlowMapp tells how he came up with the idea for FlowMapp in the first place. He says, “I had a preliminary concept for this project in 2014. At that time, my crew created several websites as an agency. Even then, the idea of a visual sitemap was in the back of my mind. I desired to simplify work procedures and enhance communication with our customers.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have sufficient experience to create an excellent product then. But three years later, everything changed. This time we were prepared to build and share a valuable tool for UX designers and other specialists. With new crew members on board, we started developing a device that might, in the end, have 200000+ customers worldwide, referred to as FlowMapp.”

“At the start, we had a small crew that included only developers, design specialists, one project manager, my co-founder Paul and myself. The development procedure was complex since we had to work on client sites in parallel with the development of the FlowMapp tool. The rest, as they say, is history.”

“In addition to that, FlowMapp is a bootstrap organization, and we now no longer attract external investment. So we needed to pay salaries frequently and all our other fundamental operational expenses. I won’t lie; it was a difficult couple of years. But, hey! Now we’re right here, doing this interview. So, everything turned out great after all. As easy as it may be! The original features have been designing a sitemap using a set of covers and writing page descriptions. Then customers can share a link with colleagues and export the information to PDF. That’s it!”

“What was the moment you discovered the potential demand for FlowMapp? We received the first few reviews and had multiple sales even before the official release, so I had a gut feeling that everything was going to work out early on. Even with this brief list of features, we got positive feedback, which helped and encouraged us to continue working on the product.”

“As we prepared for a product release, I wrote tons of tweets on our professional Twitter account because I didn’t want to release with blank social media pages. James Young, a well-known design expert, noticed one of the posts and retweeted it to his feed. After that, we saw speedy growth in our user base and made our first sales.”


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