Common Data Management Mistakes to Avoid

Data Management Mistakes

Without a strong data management strategy at hand, many businesses might fail to sustain themselves for long. People assume that organizations need to spend a whole lot of money on new and efficient technologies but in the end, it boils down to good data operation and data management.

Many organizations make efforts to improve their data governance and invest in data management software but sadly they haven’t been very successful in these initiatives. This is because they tend to focus on massive data collection and big data management but forget that there are some inherent demands that come with large amounts of data and in doing so they tend to make some common mistakes.

Data Management Mistakes To Avoid

Absence of an in charge

Since most of the data related processes are automated, people assume that data operation need not be handled manually and it can automatically look after itself. As an owner of the company, you may leave it to the different tams to take care of the data as and when required but it’s always a better choice to put someone in charge of this specially. A manager or a supervisor can be appointed to look after the data management system, related processes and can make sure that the organization can create as much value from the data as possible.

Not able to visualize

Data collected from different sources and at different times can be unfiltered and in a raw state. Such type of data is too unorganized to create value out of it. This indicated the need for data visualization using necessary data management tools, otherwise the data that is collected and stored by the organization is of no use unless it transformed and converted into a useable form.

Lacking creativity and innovation

This is one of the most common mistakes in data management where organizations allow the data management processes to become the priority and sacrifice of creativity. Collecting data and run data management processes for value creation and data quality management is natural, but let it take over creativity and innovation can be a blunder.

The right thing to do is to strike a balance between the two. Data helps make sound business-related decisions and helps figure out the business needs, but there should still be room for creativity while executing data management strategies.

Negligence in establishment of purpose

Lack of purpose or failure to define a purpose of the information or data is also common. As data is collected in large volumes, it can misinterpret that the data will take care of its operation, but it shouldn’t be like that. It’s always better to define the need for it from the beginning itself.

As data is the hotbed for every business, organizations need to have a robust enterprise data management strategy to remain in the game and be successful. Even then, many companies fail to execute correct data management strategies.


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