4 Best Data Curation Tools for Getting the Most Out of Your Data


An integral part of data management is the curation of data. Data curation is collecting, organizing, and preserving data in various scenarios to be used by the business.

Data curation requires you to utilize the best data curation tools to establish what data works and what doesn’t work in the process. Additionally, data curation software allows teams to identify problems with their datasets and measure key metrics based on their gathered information.

Business owners are often tasked with figuring out which curation tools to use and sometimes need help with the process. In this blog, you will find resources to help you if this is what you’re experiencing.

So, let’s get started.

Best Data Curation Tools

Using these data curation tools will help you explore the data in greater detail, so let’s explore them in more detail and see if one will work for you:


The time spent by business and data analysts cleaning data is far too great compared to the time they spend analyzing it. As a time-saving tool, Talend comes into play to help people save a lot of time.

Talend is a self-service, web-based tool that enables users to make error detection and rule applications quickly and is easy to reuse and share within large data sets. It is simple and easy to use.

Featuring an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use data preparation and curation function, anyone can use the tool in real-time to prepare, clean, and enrich data without the need for software training.


Datavid, a data curation tool, is powered by machine learning, which automatically redacts irrelevant and private data, leaving you with no unused data. Additionally, the tool allows you to filter out irrelevant data with the help of your rules, which you specify.

A key benefit of Datavid’s data curation process is that it automatically recognizes which documents to filter out from your data set and which to keep, thus improving your data set’s quality.


Alation is yet another data curation AI tool that is getting much attention due to its capabilities. In summary, the tool will offer customers the benefit of onboarding their employees more quickly, reusing queries, and automating the curation process.

With its active data governance model, Alation active data governance puts the individual first, giving them access to the data they need, guiding them in their use of it, and keeping them updated about it.


Alteryx is a data curation software enabling anyone to create transformational outcomes by gathering and curating data from various sources. The software makes data preparation, blending, analysis, and interpretation easier with hundreds of no-code, low-code analytical building blocks.

With augmented machine learning and advanced statistics, it is possible to build predictive models without extensive coding or complex statistics rapidly.

The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform is a multi-layered platform for automating analytics, machine learning, and data science processes from start to finish for speedy digital transformations.

Final Take

The process of curating data is optimized using data curation tools that automate the preprocessing steps. Using these tools, you can be sure that your data is accurate and usable. Your specific requirements will determine your decision on which tool will work best for you based on your own particular needs. It may be a good idea to leverage the best tool available for your specific data curation requirements while taking advantage of data curation’s powers.


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