10 Best UI UX Agencies to work with in 2023

10 Best UI UX Agencies to work with in 2022

Regarding memorable apps and platforms, pleasant aesthetics and accurate functionalities are essential elements we’re always looking for. A nice-looking product will attract more customers, and its interface will define whether they will stay or quickly lose interest. Data suggests that nearly 90% of customers will probably abandon a website and never return if their experience with it is poor. Although ideally, it can often be challenging to fulfill both goals – the appearance and the usability – searching for the best UI UX Agencies is harder.

Sure, there are lots of remarkable and best UI UX Agencies worldwide. However, only a few can offer the quality customers are looking for. That quality means a genuine and niche-specific layout blended with a user-friendly system. This influential duo will make your platform stand out from the competition and hook customers for the long term. So, the best UI UX Agencies should understand customers and the trends they’ll gravitate towards.

2022 arrived with modern mindsets that UI UX design agency designers must pay attention to. Just like the immersive storytelling aesthetic that has been catching users’ attention these days and changing the traditional “scroll web page” version or the adaptive dark mode design that has been rising in popularity because of its eye health benefits.

So, to help you find the best choice and get your project up high, we’re showing you the top 10 best UI UX Agencies to work in 2022 with. Thus, without further ado, let’s get started with our top UI UX agencies list.

Best UI UX Agencies from across the globe:

1. UX Studio

UX studio is one of the smaller, younger, yet fast-growing and best UI UX agencies today. Founded in 2013, they’ve since gone on to amplify its presence to work with clients from across the borders. Additionally, they’ve produced stellar work. They’ve helped the UN remodel its food distribution platform, designed HBO GO, a European on-demand streaming platform, and gave Societe’s website a brand new look. As a 40-strong group of UX professionals, they’ve achieved a fair amount in 7 years.

More recently, they’ve been recognized by Clutch as one of the very best UI UX Agencies in 2019. UX Studio has additionally left its mark on the industry. Their book, “Product Design – A comprehensive guide to designing digital products people will love,” is a 199-page guide worth the read. Lastly, UX Studio is based in Budapest.

2. Ideo

It’s difficult to imagine a world without Ideo. Their design thinking movement has helped shape endless ideas, prototypes, and successful products. Some of their most iconic projects include designing the first-ever Mac mouse and a Palm PDA. Additionally, they’ve been involved in new concepts like Acensia Diabetes Care’s internet-enabled blood glucose tracking system and helped Vivo, China’s top-selling cellphone manufacturer, redesign itself into a brand China’s young customers love.

Being one of the best UI UX Agencies globally, they chart a path guiding to more successful projects than duds certainly because they hire some exceptional talents. Ideo has a team of 700 with offices in Cambridge, Chicago, London, Munich, New York, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

3. Digital Telepathy

Digital Telepathy had its roots back in 2001. While not nearly as big as Ideo, they’ve created an outstanding track record. Their feats consist of a listing as a Top Cultures award by Entrepreur Inc., supporting over 20 clients to list their organizations or being acquired, and constructing and selling five start-ups. And while these are simply outstanding feats, they’ve additionally worked with top brands. These consist of Marriott, Tim Ferris (The 4-Hour Workweek), Roche, and Adventure.com.

4. Fantasy Interactive

Fantasy was born in 1999 and had been generating exceptional paintings ever since. They’ve been the brains in the back of a number of the international’s most prominent organizations. Their patron listing consists of the likes of Netflix and UFC. The Met, CAA, Master Class, and The Weather Channel, to name a few. Their potential to ring a bell with clients and convey exceptional paintings has made them a magnet for customers from diverse industries. They have their places of work in San Francisco, London, New York, and Miami.

5. Frog

Frog makes its place in our list of the best UI UX Agencies worldwide and is one of the oldest. This 50-year-old has emerged from industrial design however remains true to its openness and love for all things design. Like Ideo, they expand beyond virtual and have been recognized for designing furniture. Being around for over 50 years has seen them work with big and new brands. Clients include UNUM, SF Moma, ride-sharing app Alto, Intel, and others.

6. Designit

Designit’s story of evolving as one of the best UI UX agencies started in 1991. Since then, the Copenhagen outfit has spread throughout the globe and into cities packed with changemakers. Brands turn to Designit for support with crafting, launching, and optimizing products and growth strategies. And Designit isn’t a one-time partner. Product optimization is an ongoing process. It needs the best skills and systems to deliver stellar results, and Designit will help you manifest results.

7. Fjord

Fjord was founded in 2001 and is a part of Accenture Interactive. They concentrate on bridging human experiences with the virtual and physical world as a design and innovation consultancy. Their work spans diverse industries, from assisting The Ontario Government to devising a better way for Metrolinx passengers to travel to designing a pattern for NatWest clients to manage their finances better by utilizing an app known as Bó. As a unit of Accenture, they’re spread across the globe.

8. Work & Co

Making waves in the UI UX design agencies world can best be done through impeccable work. And with 348 team of workers who care about design, product strategy, and engineering, Work & Co delivers. They’ve worked with big brands like Apple, Virgin America, Chase, Ikea, Aldo, and Google. Their iterative design approach, speedy prototyping, and comprehensive testing and optimization have helped them accomplish significant results. Over 90% of their customers provide the agency with additional work and have shipped over 207 products. Work & Co has workspaces in New York, Portland, and São Paulo.

9. Method

Founded in San Francisco in 1999, Method has been able to channel its innovative flair for 20 years. In 2011, GlobalLogic, a project engineering and software program development firm acquired it. In their time, Method has helped McDonald’s, DAZN, Hitachi, Costa Coffee, Manchester City Football Club, and more define and create satisfying customer experiences. It has studios in New York and London.

10. Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g)

While NN/g turned into founded in 1998, the concept was born five years earlier. Co-founder Don Norman set the inspiration for user experience, coining the term while working at Apple. Over the following 21 years, NN/g has excelled at presenting nothing short of true design ingenuity. Their consulting client list includes American Express, Capital One, eBay, PWC, Google, National Geographic, Visa, Sony, and Verizon.

Wrapping This Up

Suppose you’re a brand trying to position yourself better and need a keen eye for detail and exquisite design. In that case, this top UI UX agency list will offer access to some of the most progressive, successful, and best UI UX Agencies in today’s competitive world. This concludes our list of the top 10 best UI UX agencies globally.


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