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Sales is a process built on burnt promises; it’s what makes it tough. Think about the first time you may have tried to sell something, as a part of your job. Short of being a natural, most classify the task as difficult, perhaps awkward even. But that is to be expected; what you’re asking is for potential customers to spend a specific amount of money in exchange for a promised outcome – maybe in the form of goods or services. And there’s a good chance you find many of those customers resentful, a consequence of broken promises from the past.

By that assumption, however, it’s a miracle anything ever gets sold at all – no matter the greatness of the pitch. But things do hit the market, and these things do get sold across industries, all the time. How? Consumers; well, they consume. But today’s customer ecosystem is not the same as it was a couple of years ago. What we are witnessing is – in a form – customer evolution, a process that had first started with the advent of widespread internet access.

This implies a multi-directional flow of information; consumers are better informed – they are aware of other, widely available options. It’s empowered them to switch brands without hesitation, some because of a poor experience, and others with a willingness to pay more for a better experience. The common denominator? Experience.

Qualitative Experience: The Quid Pro Quo Phenomena

As creatures driven by emotion, we all want to feel something phenomenal, to have amazing experiences. This concept stretches to both our personal and professional lives. When it comes to vacationing, we often build bucket lists, narrowing down to what might give us the most enduring or exciting of memories – a sublime experience within the confines of our financial circumstance.

If we extrapolate this analogy to business, it’s easy enough to understand that our customers are in search of sublime experiences, also. In several situations, customers are even willing to pay a little more for it, for the reward of sharing said experiences with colleagues or friends, to promote a company as a brand they believe in – the quid pro quo phenomena.

As we turn to the third decade of the twenty-first century, several – if not most – organizations are slowly beginning to notice and react to an enormous shift in the market.

It’s a transformation in the way we do business, a shift to the digital ecosystem. But not everyone’s able to tap into this shift effectively.


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