Customer Experience Trends & Stats Guide to Success in 2022 and Beyond 

customer experience trends

Today’s consumers pay considerable attention to the brand’s customer experience before making a purchase decision. Therefore, businesses from all industries must stay abreast of emerging customer experience management trends to maintain competitiveness and build better customer relationships.    

In this blog, you will walk through the 2022 customer experience management trends and statistics that will enable you to develop a positive customer experience that will unlock the growth of your business.  

Let’s get started.  

Customer Experience Management Statistics 2022  

We have compiled a list of the statistics related to customer experience management that demonstrate the importance of providing positive customer experiences:  

1. Mobile Customer Experience is a Priority  

The trend of smartphone users will only continue in the coming years, so having a positive mobile experience is a must for your business to succeed.  

An estimated 85% of adults believe that when a company’s website is viewed on a mobile device, the quality and functionality should be the same as when it is viewed on a desktop computer.  

2. Winning Customer Experience Will Result in Revenue Growth  

An analysis by Brain & Company shows that brands with positive customer experiences can grow their revenue by 4% to 8% compared to brands without such experiences.    

3. Customer Loyalty Increases Purchase Likelihood by Five Times  

Customer experience meaning in marketing, is building loyal customers. According to numerous studies, customers loyal to a company have a five times higher likelihood of purchasing again later on and four times greater likelihood of referring a friend to the company.  

4. 66% of Customers Expect their Companies to be Aware of Their Needs  

The big challenge businesses face is answering their customers’ needs accurately and serving them with personalized offerings that will capture their attention and gain their loyalty.  

If a company successfully does so, it is reprehensible that 66% of its customers will keep returning to the business.    

Customer Experience Management Trends That You Should Know  

Here is a list of the digital customer experience trends you should pay attention to in 2022 and beyond.  

Let’s take a look at emerging trends in customer service one by one:  

1. Increased Usage of Chatbots Will Result in Automated Customer Service  

When we talk about 2022 customer experience trends, the usage of chatbots ranks at the number one spot.   

The concept of a chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversations (verbal and written), allowing humans to converse through digital devices as they would through human interaction.  

You can respond to your customers more quickly than ever with chatbots. When customers receive a response from a brand within seconds, their mindset is positive, which leads to increased loyalty.  

2. Predictive Analytics  

Predictive analysis is yet another emerging customer experience management trend.   

Currently, the business emphasis is placed on the use of customer data to deliver a seamless and personalized experience to their customers.   

Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence have enabled businesses to provide better product recommendations and personalized services to their customers by understanding their needs.  

3. An Integrated Omnichannel Customer Experience  

No matter how your customers opt to engage with your brand, their experience expects to be seamless, connected, and consistent at every point of contact with you. It is essential to have the ability to seamlessly switch channels without having to repeat themselves.  

Creating an integrated omnichannel customer experience is an attempt to serve your customers across all touch points better and provide them with an engaging experience.  

4. A Greater Emphasis is Being Placed on Privacy  

Customers typically share their information with companies if they receive assurances that it will be protected and used appropriately, like providing relevant information.  

It is essential to ensure that the personal information you have is kept securely and that safeguards are in place to protect it.  

Maintaining and prioritizing data security in line with the latest technological developments is a significant customer experience technology trend that you should keep an eye on in 2022.  

Final Take  

Customer experience management trends are constantly evolving, making businesses need to adapt to these changes in their strategies to foster a good relationship with customers.  

This concludes our discussion of customer experience management trends for 2022. Keep an eye on the trends and stay competitive.   


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