Customer Experience Analytics: What Should Be Measured and Optimized? 

customer experience analytics

How would you like to improve the experience that your customers have with your business? Customer experience analytics is an effective way to help you get the perception of your brand among your customers. 

Customer experience analytics tools are backed up by numbers and provide a clear picture of the progress made by customer experience management steps and pinpointing key improvement areas. 

Besides this, additional benefits can be derived with the help of customer experience analytics. 

This blog will walk you through the different analytics to improve customer experience here. What is CX analytics’s meaning, what should you measure, and how can you optimize them to enhance the customer experience for your business? 

Let’s get started. 

What is Customer Experience Analytics? 

A customer experience analytics platform is a tool for tracking various business metrics related to customer experience. Customer experience analytics provide information about how well your customers are treated, how average, or how bad it is. 

By tracking such data, you can determine what proportion of your customers recommend your business and how quickly your business resolved any customer problems they had. 

What Customer Experience Analytics Should You Measure? 

As said, there are several tools available to measure the customer experience strategies. Let’s begin with the most important ones that you need to measure: 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

Customer recommendations are measured by Net Promoter Scores, or NPS, which indicate how highly customers recommend your business to their friends and family. 

With a higher NPS score, you will be able to retain more customers, make your brand more visible to new customers, and attract more new ones. 

Average Resolution Time (ART) 

This is another customer experience analytics solution that you need to measure in 2022. This is the time it takes for the customer service team to resolve a complaint once it has been received. 

Low average resolution times indicate that you have a responsive customer support team, creating satisfied customers by delivering fast and efficient service. An excessively long response time, disconnected resolution, and unhappy customers are, at a minimum, signs of poor service quality. 

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) 

Customer Satisfaction, in the context of a business, is a score that indicates the proportion of customers who are pleased with the good or service they have received. 

Companies widely use CSAT to gauge the levels of happiness their customers are experiencing and to identify the areas where they need to improve their services. 

Customer Effort Score (CES) 

When we talk about the different customer experience analytics use cases, then CES is something that cannot be overstated. 

A Customer Effort Score (CST) is a way to measure the number of effort customers needs to put into interacting with your business. 

Using the customer effort score allows you to gain insight into various aspects of your business. A measurement of this type of behavior determines if a problem-solving process was smooth or if a new feature was easy for the user to use. 

Customer Churn Rate 

Among the most critical customer experience analytics tools, measuring the churn rate holds the utmost attention.  

A churn rate measures how many customers stop doing business with a company throughout a specific period. 

If your business provides your customers with something of value, your churn rate will be low, meaning you can keep most of your existing customers for the long haul. 

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) 

CLV is one of the essential data analytics to improve customer experience. By understanding the value of a customer over the entire lifetime of their relationship, CX professionals and business owners can develop better customer experiences. 

Using this information, you will be able to determine what types of customers you should be aiming for and what kinds of experiences should be offered to keep them loyal to your product or service. 

Social Media Engagement 

Social media has been established to be one of the most powerful tools for building brands and generating better results for business owners. Therefore it is one of the most critical analytics to improve customer experience.  

This customer experience analytics tool tracks how your brand is being interacted with via social media and how customers engage with it. 

Final Take 

It’s not rocket science to optimize the customer experience. Listening to your customers and utilizing the best customer experience analytics can go a long way toward improving your customer experience. Your business benefit can in many ways if you keep the customers at the heart of everything you do. Moreover, an understanding about artificial intelligence customer experience will help any business to optimize their customer experience base.


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